Nevada Assemblywoman Shreds MSNBC Host Over Bundy Ranch Conflict

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What happened, and may continue happening at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada is resonating across the country, much to the panicked chagrin of the Mainstream Media.  Here’s a great clip of Assemblywoman Michele Fiore not backing down to the openly snide and derisive questioning of MSNBC’s Chris Hayes. (I still say Chris Hayes is actually a more feminine version of Rachel Maddow.  

Hayes tries to get Fiore to say Bundy is a criminal, or to have her state the federal government has no authority.   Fiore swats away the attempt, and hammers back at the key points the make up the foundation of the Bundy Ranch dispute:

– Why is the federal government sending hundreds of armed men guns to collect a debt from a rancher?

– Does Bundy actually owe the million dollars liberals are claiming he does?

– What is the deal with Harry Reid’s personal ties to the dispute – and why aren’t government officials investigating that?

A great interview – so check it out!

7 thoughts on “Nevada Assemblywoman Shreds MSNBC Host Over Bundy Ranch Conflict

  1. And we get another look at the question; Why is MSNBC is plummeting in the ratings game?
    It’s only my personal opinion, but: Chris Hayes is a jerk – he can’t even rapid fire, skewed and leading, questions well – which is the only thing he has ever done.

  2. I love it when MSKKK allows a guest on that is capable of verbally fighting back, they usually just “interview” people that agree with the State media’s position.

  3. Bahahaahaha!! This woman was awesome. Best interview I’ve heard in a long time. The little, nerdy, four-eyed freak reporter has about as much brains as a two year old in a spacesuit.

    Hello! Earth to the four-eyed freak, do you know what planet you are on?

  4. So according to the four-eyed freak, if you don’t pay your bill, it’s OK for an army of mercenaries to come into your home at gunpoint and threaten to kill you. I mean the bill is definitely more important than your life.

    (lol I can’t even believe I’m talking about this)

    Seriously, I wonder how he ever passed kindergarten. I bet it wasn’t easy for him. Maybe he grew up with the Communist Core Curriculum.

  5. excellent point she makes

    If you dont pay the bill they come with weapons and intent to kill you , when does that happen in the US of A?

    well it seems that lately its on a fast track ..killing you anyway they can, for any excuse they can come up with
    and if your dog is there..they kill it too

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