New cars to record your iris, fingerprints, voice and blood pressure


Auto manufacturers are working with a company called Eyelock to put Myris‘ iris scanners in new cars. Click here to view the Myris Eyelock video.

According to, Eyelock’s iris authentication process takes less than five seconds to complete.   

“This technology brings an entirely new level of security, personalization, and connectivity to the automotive space,” said Anthony Antolino, Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer for EyeLock LLC. “We continue to work with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs) to accelerate the adoption of EyeLock technology in a wide range of vehicles.”

Antolino, says the company is under contract with multiple OEM and tier-one companies to provide this equipment but refused to identify them.

Eyelock only allows authenticated drivers behind the wheel, which means insurance companies will be drooling at the mouths to profit from this invasive technology…

“We all know that once you have a 16-year-old driver, your insurance premiums go through the roof, but what if that young child is a really responsible driver? There’s no reason that household shouldn’t benefit from preferential premiums. It really does start with specifically knowing who’s in the driver’s seat, and that’s not possible with any other body part” Antolino said.

In Sept. of last year, I warned everyone that auto insurance companies and car dealerships were spying on motorists.

Allstate Insurance wants cameras to spy on other drivers and identify any distractions:

“Allstate’s “Traffic-based Driving Analysis” patent uses sensors and cameras to record potential sources of driver distractions inside your car like a cell phone, pets or unsecured objects in vehicle.”

“It’ll also spy on the number and types of passengers inside the car.”

Texas Instruments (TI) is also working on automotive iris scanners click here & here to find out more.

A new speech recognition system called Dragon Drive developed by Nuance Communications will soon be in new cars everywhere.

If automakers have their way, new cars will also come equipped with touch fingerprint sensor technology

Fingerprint Cards (FPC) a Swedish company, claims they’ll make close to a billion in 2016 from their touch fingerprint sensor technology.

“FPC, a global leading supplier of fingerprint sensor technology, provides its market leading technology to the automotive market. During 2015 FPC has together with other industry leaders developed solutions to enable the use of FPC’s touch fingerprint sensor technology for automotive applications.”

“These solutions have been evaluated by leading global car makers and other companies in the automotive industry, and as a result FPC’s touch fingerprint sensor module FPC1025 has been selected for further development and integration into commercial applications for the automotive industry.”

Ford wants new cars to spy on driver’s health

Ford’s research & innovation lab wants wearable apps that monitor (spy on) a drivers health.

“Wearable technology integrated with the vehicle allows for more accurate biometric data to stream continuously and alert active driver-assist systems to become more sensitive if the driver shows signs of compromised health or awareness” Gary Strumolo, global manager for vehicle design and infotronics at Ford Research and Advanced Engineering said.

The surveillance car of the future will measure things like, your wakefulness, blood pressure, blood glucose levels and heart rate!

“The semi-autonomous driving features can also be further benefited through the ability to measure wakefulness and health data including blood pressure, blood glucose and heart rate via wearable technology.”

“The potential in this space is endless,” added Strumolo. “We’re evaluating many different wearable devices and applications – everything from helping to keep Ford drivers healthier and more aware behind the wheel to offering an enhanced customer experience at our dealerships.”

Soon your car won’t start until its scanned your iris, fingerprints and voice. It’s Big Brother’s wet dream come to life. In the near future, DHS/Police can get rid of highway and intersection surveillance cameras, since tomorrow’s new cars will be rolling surveillance platforms.

Things are worse than you can imagine, last year I reported how DHS/Police are using a new infrared license plate scanning system because criminals drive cars!

The future of driving in a free America is grim. How hard would it be for a cop to access your car’s computer or ask the auto dealer to hand over your biometrics?

9 thoughts on “New cars to record your iris, fingerprints, voice and blood pressure

  1. I don’t like the idea of anything scanning my iris or any other part of my body. No one has even researched the long term affect of having a beam zap your eye on a consistent basis (or they are hiding the horrifying results of such a study).

    1. There’s no direct physical danger in an iris scan — basically, it only involves the taking of a near-infrared digital photo of your eye — but it should still be avoided like the plague. Once biometric data gets into Big Brother’s databases, it gives them yet another way to track you.

  2. “The potential for this space is endless.”

    Oh, we hear you loud and clear on that statement.

    Buyer: “I am only interested if there is a colonoscopy feature?”

    Dealer: “Relax…it comes standard with all we have to offer!”

    1. More like, “I don’t want an iris-scanner in my car.”

      Dealer: “I’m sorry but it comes standard with all our cars and there is no way to get rid of it. Sorry. Take it or leave. By the way, we don’t do any customization anymore because it is cheaper for us to just standardize everything from our factories in China. But hey, you still get to customize anything else that’s NOT standardize in it. Sounds great, right?”

      Yep, no such thing as freedom of choice anymore. It’s all become COMMUNIZED under the excuse of preventing any unnecessary losses or expenses for the company in an unstable economy. Basically doing whatever they can to take the RISK out of business while maximizing the profit and investments.

  3. Hell…
    What do you needs doctors for now ?
    Especially if I can get the car to tell me if I’m constipated.
    I guess they’ll have to develop an apparatus the you can check your blood pressure and stick up your ass without making a mess.
    Can you imagine if your car, instead saying you door is ajar or beeping that your seatbelts aren’t buckled.
    A pleasant voice says “Your Full of Shit”! Please evacuate before starting the vehicle.
    Well looks like your going to be late for that job interview today.
    Fkn killin me people. .. killin me.

  4. But they’re not actually selling any of these new cars, are they?

    Let GM keep the things, and their spying policies will change overnight.

    I wouldn’t take one of them for free.

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