New Gallup Poll — ‘Number 1 Problem Facing Americans Today’ is the U.S. Government

Free Thought Project – by Matt Agorist

Healthcare, economy, unemployment, immigration, and terrorism are mere sideline issues among most Americans, according to a recent Gallup poll. The number one problem in America today–is America–or, at least, the government which represents it.

In 2015, for the second straight year, the largest problem Americans have faced is the United States Government.  

Over the past two years, Americans have watched the federal government help to create and fund ISIS in Syria, completely trash the privacy of its citizens, beat, kidnap, cage, and kill people for a plant, and continue to bury generations of unborn children and their grandchildren under an infinitely massive mountain of debt to pay for it all.

According to the poll, Americans think the Government is the largest problem at 16%, followed by the Economy at 13%, and then Unemployment and Immigration, which are tied at 8%.

Ironically, all of the top issues Americans claim to face, happen to be controlled or at least heavily influenced by government. The word “immigration” would not even exist if not for the imaginary lines drawn on a map by governments. It would simply be referred to as “moving.”

According to Gallup, there was less consensus in 2015 on any single problem as the nation’s biggest, largely because Americans’ concern about the economy and unemployment subsided, while no other issue replaced them.

It seems that the government created problems are becoming so numerous that it’s hard to nail down just one–which is likely why the number one problem is simply “government.”

As seen below, in the Gallup’s annual averages since 2001, there always tends to be a single polarizing issue–until now.



This Gallup poll tends to corroborate another recent poll conducted by the Pew Research Center that found more than one-quarter of all registered voters say they think of government as the enemy.

In the Pew poll, their findings suggested that 57 percent of voters feel frustrated with the government while 22% feel angry, and 18% feel “basically content.”

The Pew poll also found that the majority, around 3 in 4 Americans, actually figured out that the federal government is “run by a few big interests,” while nearly two-thirds say the “government is almost always wasteful and inefficient.”

Government atrocities that have previously only affected a small number of people have now become so commonplace that they are considered the norm.

It is no longer conspiracy theory to find out that the government is spying on innocent civilians through many different means. Also, it is now well known that the government is not afraid of killing civilians who get in its way, not excluding bombing innocent doctors inside hospitals. 

As more and more people feel the wrath of their almighty state, the 18% will become 30%, the 30% will become 60%, and so on until the paradigm of politicians feeding off of the citizens is finally brought to a halt.

To end this police state, we have to educate our fellow Americans about its immoral nature. Only through a lesser ignorance will Americans wake up to the atrocities being carried out against them by their supposed protectors.

6 thoughts on “New Gallup Poll — ‘Number 1 Problem Facing Americans Today’ is the U.S. Government

  1. Please, there is no US government, it is USA, Inc., all corporate control. We must educate Americans that the US Constitution is null and void. The corporation is under UN and Rothschild control with debt currencies and straw man ownership of all assets. There is only the “color of law” presiding and not the “rule of law”. Decades of double standards with selective enforcement is the evidence of what I state.

  2. Before you even read the article, don’t forget to factor in the “Gallup’s full of schit variable”, and then re-adjust all the numbers that were originally tweaked by propagandists.

  3. Corp Oligarchy run by IMPOSTERS,,as all are FOREIGN AGENTS subject to FARA,,,and if not registered with the US ATTY GEN,,,another foreign agent,,,its a felony and needs prosecution!! All the soup are UN and IMF phonies …Consult ,,,The Great American Adventure,,,or see many of Rod Class court rulings too…

  4. “To end this police state, we have to educate our fellow Americans about its immoral nature.”


    All you have to do to accomplish that is shut down their idiot box ‘programming’.

    Piece of cake.

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