New Report Reveals Spread Of US War On Al-Qaeda Around The World

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WEB Notes: Ol obama expanded the war powers right before trump walks in the door. This ensures a clean hand off and a continuation of the wars we have seen for the last 20 years. The US is once again funding a terrorist group they claim to be fighting against. In 2013 we posted an article titled, “Al-Qaeda, Taliban Receive U.S. Government Contracts Despite Being Sworn Enemy“. Yet, the US is going to war with them in six sovereign nations all in the name of terrorism. How many of our men and woman will be killed this time? And how many innocent lives over there will be lost as well? This is not about terrorism, this is about regime change.

A White House report on efforts to target so-called extremists abroad shows a broadening use of war powers in the fight against Al-Qaeda, beyond military operations in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria.

The 60-page report and the accompanying letter shows deployments in over half a dozen areas – including Somalia, Yemen, Jordan, Niger, Cameroon, Central Africa, the Red Sea, and South Sudan – involving troops on the ground, regular airstrikes, and surveillance efforts, all in the name of counter-terrorism.

Source: New report reveals spread of US war on Al-Qaeda around the world — RT America

World Events and the Bible

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