NEW: Things Are About To Get A Lot Worse. Mayor Of Chicago Wants 700,000 More Illegal Migrants To Enter America & Be Sent To The City

By Wall Street Apes

He’s Also Asking For Half A Million Work Permits. Goodbye American Citizen Jobs Brooker Tee Jones “I’m in the city of Chicago today where Brandon Johnson, the mayor of Chicago, just announced that he can welcome in 700,000 more illegal immigrants. He says that the city of Chicago has room for about 700,000 more.

He also asked president Biden for 500,000 work permits for these illegal migrants that are living in his city. As of right now, these migrants cannot work. They do not have work permits, so they are basically just hanging out hanging out on the streets, panhandling, asking for money, selling the goods that they have, and the citizens of my of Chicago, they say, no.

We do not want any more illegal migrants living in our city. They’re taking over our schools, our medical, our shelters, the homeless people. They said, we are back in our tents because the shelters are full because all these migrants are living there. The mayor said Chicago is such a welcoming city. We will never turn away anybody.

And he’s also saying by having all these migrants coming into his city, it will make the city richer, billions of dollars richer in the coming years. This is sad news. A Mexican national who entered into America a few weeks ago outside of the city of Chicago, he brutally stabbed to death his wife in front of their 2 children. That is the type of people mayor Johnson is welcoming into his city because you have no idea who’s coming with these migrants. You don’t know if they’re good or bad.

It’s very frightening, and the border needs to be closed. The citizens of Chicago, they do not want anymore. They say we are full. We are full. We are done.

Close the doors. Shut the garage. Do not let them in. That’s some news from Chicago”

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