New Trade Agreements, Nationwide Protests, and World War III, the Final Betrayal

It has been 285 days since the 112th Congress convened, and keeping in mind the illusion that the 2010 Midterm Elections were decided on one single issue, JOBS, how well have we the people been represented?  I think there has been three weeks that new jobless claims have not exceeded 400,000 as NAFTA, CAFTA, and GATT continue to send hundreds of thousands more of our jobs out of our country.

The phony left says they desperately want to fix the economy and bring our jobs back and the phony right says the same thing.  And both sides point their finger at one another, saying it is their fault we can’t do anything.  Both sides portray the other to be a polar opposite.

Then Wednesday evening they all came together to swap spit and blast a piece of legislation through.  And what was this legislation they completely agreed upon?  Free trade agreements with South Korea, Columbia, and Panama, specifically tailored and designed to move hundreds of thousands more of our jobs out of our country.

You people in Kentucky who still have a job and voted that despicable little neo-con bastard, Rand Paul into office, be advised.  Your boy just cut your throat from ear to ear.  Now he will step back and watch you bleed out; so much for any of you having a claim to intelligence.

The fact is all of these freshman Senators including Eric Cantor and Paul Ryan have betrayed our country and pissed on the will of the overwhelming majority.  Everyone in the middle class out there who has gone along with these bastards, know that your stupidity is now going to cost us all.  I have heard you speak on the streets trying to purport yourselves as more knowing than anyone else out here.  I hope your jobs are the first to go.

Dr. Ron Paul abstained from voting on all three treaties.  He could not vote no because he is seeking the Republic nomination, and the filthy hyenas, his son included, would have turned on him.  However it is clear he understands the will of we the people and once he is president he will do as we direct him.

And now I’m going to reveal a secret to you.  I’m going to tell you why the neo-cons and socialists alike have to stop Ron Paul.  Many people have expressed that they do not believe Dr. Paul can force the issue of our Constitution because he says he will not use executive orders.  But do you know what; he does not need executive orders, as he will be Commander in Chief of the United States Military.  And when he orders the Constitution enforced, by God it will be enforced.

Alex Jones has come forth declaring that his sources say the Israelis have been given the green light to attack Iran.  Our enemies have used a false flag event in the form of this phony story about an Iranian operation to kill a Saudi diplomat to put the United States in a position to jump in with Israel and instigate World War III.

This is why I told you about the military and Dr. Paul.  This is what has made them so desperate.  This is why they have made no bones about committing further treason with the new trade agreements.  They realize their propaganda has failed miserably and the country is on the edge of revolt.

Desperate people take desperate measures and I fear we are about to see our enemies take a most desperate measure in an effort to stop Dr. Paul and we the people from reinstituting our Republic under our Constitution and causing them to be stripped of their wealth and punished for the crimes they have committed.

The enemies of the Republic are now marching in step toward our destruction.  I would not be surprised to see the attack by Israel coordinated with an attack on the internet and a police action to shut down the protests, which could very well end in full blown martial law.

If this happens our course is clear.  Lock and load.  Our enemies will be coming for our firearms.  If we let them have them we will be at their mercy.  We must defend the Republic or perish.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.” – The Declaration of Independence

  2. Panama is the thing that burns me. These New World Order bastards just gave themselves the ultimate tax dodge (place to hide money). Another place to hide trillions, legally. I can’t believe how corrupt our country has become. Just gets worse by the day.

    1. Yeah…evil knows no bounds. That’s why it’s evil…..I guess…makes sense anyway….how else do you explain it?

    1. Clark,

      Right click on the video…click embed video url….you should then be able to right click in the comments section and click paste….if I recall correctly. Not doing it as I write I might have left something out.

  3. Kind of a long website address, but it worked. Listen to these hypocrites talk about demonstrations in other countries that they want to take over, then look at the way our demonstrator’s are treated. It’s time to get rid of these lying ass traitors !!!

    1. Great vid, Clark… Thanks. It appears that these rights are only protected by our government for peoples of other countries as propaganda aimed at us, the people of America, as justification for the agenda of the NWO. But, of course, I’m interpreting this all wrong…sorry…I’m just a retarded guy. Never mind what I might say…Time for a cold shower….oh yeah….and a good puke.

      1. LOL ! I agree with Henry that the enemies of the Republic are shaking in their boots over the protests that are spreading world wide. I’m also afraid that their solution to that problem would be to start WWIII, while they hunker in their bunker, and we’re all incinerated. They’re not just gonna stand by and watch the PEOPLE do away all the EVIL they have perpetrated. I sure wish the election was next month, instead of next year. We need Dr.Paul right now ! !

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