New York City Mayor Says He Will Mandate COVID Vaccines for Children This Fall

OutKick – by Ian Miller

New York City has famously handled COVID as poorly as any city on earth.

From the initial surge and horrific death rates due in part to sending COVID positive patients back into nursing homes to infect other elderly residents, to masking toddlers, to private business vaccine mandates and discriminatory vaccine passports, New York has been a leading example of what not to do. 

While former mayor Bill de Blasio was responsible for many of the city’s terrible policies, current mayor Eric Adams has made a concerted effort to double down and make them even worse.

Well, that is when he’s not too busy dancing maskless at a restaurant, attending Broadway shows maskless, or partying at the club maskless.

During a recent press conference, Adams explained that he’ll be making one of his most indefensible decisions yet; mandating the COVID vaccines for children:

Adams said in response to a question that yes, the vaccines will be mandatory and that he and his team are still “meeting and discussing” and trying to come up with the “best way to do it.”

This decision is completely unconscionable.

There is zero scientific justification for mandating these specific vaccines for children, especially young children. There is conclusively no benefit whatsoever with regards to preventing kids from becoming infected or transmitting the virus to others, and children are at remarkably low risk of severe illness from COVID regardless.

Not to mention that the recent authorization of the vaccines for the youngest age groups was based on efficacy estimates that would have failed the FDA standard required for adults.

Supposed research referenced by the CDC to justify their recommendation for children was also so poorly conducted and purposefully misleading that it had to be edited by the authors. Even that wasn’t enough to fix all the issues.

The trials did not even attempt to study if there was a benefit for vaccination for kids who had previously had COVID, when the CDC estimates 75% of children have already contracted the virus.

Instead of evaluating the data, or realizing how weak the case is for parents to choose to vaccinate their kids, the mayor and his team of “experts” is going to make that decision for them. They’re purposefully ignoring any risk/benefit analysis and exclusively appealing to their political team.

This will also inevitably lead to further losses in registration for New York City schools.

Just last year, enrollment dropped 4%, and public schools lost nearly 50,000 students from 2019-2020 to 2020-2021.

Instead of putting COVID in the rearview mirror and acknowledging the reality that vaccination must exclusively be a personal choice, New York City’s mayor is continuing the theater with inexplicable, offensive mandates.

There’s no possible reasonable or rational justification for this decision – so it’s completely unsurprising that New York is leading the way with yet another tremendously incompetent mandate.


4 thoughts on “New York City Mayor Says He Will Mandate COVID Vaccines for Children This Fall

    1. Hi Mary , When I first asked the question, “how do viruses really work”, I came across the work of Dr. Andrew Kaufman and Dr. Thomas Cowan. “Biochemistry Debunks Corona” and “Hippocratic Hypocrisy” were the 2 videos they made which got me singing what I call the corona bologna bullshit blues. They mentioned a book called “Invisible Rainbow” by Arthur Firstenburg which covered the Spanish Flu. According to what was reported of the hundreds of tests and experiments the doctors were doing at that time to prove viral contagion, it turns out that there is no such thing. It’s really just a myth. After learning the sordid history of the Pasteur theory of viral contagion (germ theory) and coming to realize it’s simply a 160 year old crock of virus theory bullshit boiling over with all the toxic trash that goes with it, I wonder why all these well meaning doctors who are speaking out about the dangers of the covid vaccinations are not aware of this. Not to take away from the warning he is giving, they are still promoting the covid lie and the viral contagion lie. Until those lies go away for good, possibly through due process of the law in a proper Common Law Court under the Bill of Rights, the medical tyranny that has fooled the world, which has its origins in the US Corporation, will never be crushed.

      1. I’ll give a little update on what’s going on with the covid lie in the courts here in Canada. We have a guy, Patrick King, who challenged the BC Health Minister, Deena Henshaw, in the corporate admiralty court there, to produce the evidence. She couldn’t. No one has, even though hundreds of freedom of info act requests were submitted by Christine Massey. That court case went nowhere. Fast forward to the trucker rebellion in Ottawa. They arrested him there, and he is now in jail. They are terrified because he is pushing the truth forward. What he is doing, even if it is in the wrong jurisdiction for freedom and liberty, is helping bring the corruption of our system out into the light for everyone to see. Meanwhile, we have another guy, Christopher James, who has been fighting against that jurisdiction for 20 years, as he and his family went through its abuses, the worst of which was the murder of his father. He has been educating the people regarding Common Law and how we can access our courts to begin holding the judges in the black robes accountable for their crimes against the people, using Common Law juries, while at the same time, exposing the covid lie for all the world to see. I keep my focus on the American Bill of Rights as the final nail in the coffin when we all fight on all fronts to expose that lie for what it is as we route it out of our world, hold the criminals to account and rid the world of them forever. Once that is done, the only law ever written for freedom and liberty, will prevail because the power that was written into it made it so.

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