New York’s covid quarantine and isolation orders ruled unconstitutional

Natural News – by Ethan Huff

An effort by New York Gov. Kathy Hochul, a Democrat, to grant herself unlimited power and authority to invoke isolation and quarantine measures whenever she feels like it has been struck down by a state Supreme Court judge.

Justice Ronald Ploetz decided that Hochul’s plan is unlawful and unconstitutional, ruling that involuntary detention like the kinds Hochul craves “is a severe deprivation of individual liberty.”

Hochul’s provision, dubbed Rule 2.13, comes with no scientific data or expert testimony on why it is necessary, Ploetz said. Instead, all it does is “provide a quick and nimble approach” for Hochul to deprive New Yorkers of their constitutional rights on a whim. (Related: New York also waged economic warfare against the unvaccinated.)

“Involuntary quarantine may have far-reaching consequences such as loss of income (or employment) and isolation from family,” Ploetz said, calling Rule 2.13 even “more egregious” than mask mandates, which are also tyrannical and unsubstantiated by science.

Rule 2.13, entitled “Isolation and Quarantine Procedures,” reads as follows:

“Whenever appropriate to control the spread of a highly contagious communicable disease, the State Commissioner of Health may issue and / or may direct the local health authority to issue isolation and / or quarantine orders, consistent with due process of law, to all such persons as the State Commissioner of Health shall determine appropriate.”

The rule also would have granted health authorities the jurisdiction to “monitor” New Yorkers to ensure that they remain in constant compliance with Hochul’s demands. Hochul would then have been able to decide arbitrarily whether or not an individual “requires a higher level of medical care,” meaning more tyranny.

Illness is not an excuse for the government to trample the Constitution

After Hochul filed her proposed rule, state Sen. George Borrello along with two Republican state Assembly members and NYS United filed a lawsuit against both Hochul and state health commissioner Mary Bassett.

“They argued that the rule lacked due process, and gave authorities too much discretion when deciding who should be placed in quarantine,” reported The Post Millennial.

It turns out that Section 2120 of the state’s Public Health Law requires that an “independent magistrate” decide on the terms of detention, not some rogue governor like Hochul.

Contrary to how it might sound, the state Supreme Court of New York is actually not the “highest court in the land.” Strangely, New York law places the Supreme Court of that state at the bottom of the judicial system. The Court of Appeals holds the top spot.

Concerning New York’s jab mandates, a commenter at Natural News pointed to the case of Friend v. City of Gainesville, which was a success in Florida thanks to the 1905 Supreme Court case of Jacobson v. Massachusetts.

It takes time and work, but lawsuits such as these, as well as the latest one in New York, are necessary to stem the tide of tyranny that is spreading over the land under the guise of fighting a “pandemic.”

The government does not have any right to violate the Constitution simply because there is a sickness supposedly going around.

“To free yourself from evil you must find the moral courage to remove the perpetrators of evil,” another commenter wrote, touching on this from a slightly different perspective.

“Then and only then is a quaint and peaceful life lived in pursuit of the things that drive each and every one of us in our numerous endeavors throughout a harmonious life possible.”

Someone else added that Americans really need to step it up so that these “fake people in our government who are killing Americans” are not successful in their tyrannical agenda.

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    1. Instead of being empowered, as they were assured they would be, turns out they were ruthlessly programmed. Made into slaves of the tyranny, turning their backs on humanity. And worst of all… They left the most noble position a woman could ever be in: Home, family, the feeding and nurturing, the healing and comfort. They turned on themselves and became an aberration of their true selves. A morph from natural beauty and sweet temperament to cruel faces and bully tactics. It really is a travesty.


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