Newly Hatched Islamic State Narrative is a DESPERATE Attempt to FOOL the Public

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Arthur F. Wayne, INTELCASTER – On January 20, The Guardian published what is supposed to become the new official narrative for ISIS – and specifically for its “new leader” Abdullah Qardash (who has been dead since 2017). Below you will find that Guardian article for future reference, in case it gets removed or edited by Martin Chulov or Mohammed Rasool, the authors of the article. 

Before dissecting the newly scripted narrative and the Guardian’s article, lets make sure that we are talking about the same person. Lets first establish once and for all that “Abdullah Qardash” is the same person as “Amir Muhammad Sa’id Abdal Rahman al-Mawla” and “Mohammed Abdul Rahman al-Mawli al-Salbi”.

International Business Times: Abdullah Qardash, 2020/1/21

CNN: Abdullah Qardash, 2019/10/29

UPDATE: By listing Qardash at the Rewards for Justice program, in august of 2019, the Pentagon and the Mossad revealed that they were hatching a new false ISIS narrative. Evidently, all of this has been prepared and scripted long in advance. That’s exactly what I would expect in this highly advanced information war that is being waged against the public.

The Times: Abdullah Qardash, 2019/8/22

CBS News: Abdullah Qardash, 2019/10/29

De Telegraaf (The Netherlands’ largest newspaper, founded in 1893): Abdullah Qardash, 2020/1/20 and 2020/1/21(??)


On November 11, 2019 I linked to a Telegraaf article, the below screenshot, for my report “New ISIS Leader Already Dead, Since 2017…“. Obviously, De Telegraaf article was published on or before November 11, 2019 or else it would have been impossible for me to reference it back in November of last year. Another way to prove this is by using the file URL of the screenshot I took on November 11, 2019: “

However, that same De Telegraaf article is now dated “21 jan. 2020”. Ralph Dekkers, the author of De Telegraaf article, or someone else at De Telegraaf, changed the date of publication and the reason why is because he, or they, wanted to provide support for the new narrative about ISIS its “new” boss. But, instead, De Telegraaf has made my work easier. It is now much easier to shred the newly invented ISIS story line.

Notice also that De Telegraaf, or Dekkers himself, added Qardash’s alternative name “Amir Mohammed Abdul Rahman al-Mawli al-Salbi” to their “January 21”, redated, article. Al-Salbi, thus, will be the name that they are going to use for the new cycle of manufactured ISIS propaganda (unless I manage once again to derail their deceptions, then they’ll have to come up with something new – again).

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3 thoughts on “Newly Hatched Islamic State Narrative is a DESPERATE Attempt to FOOL the Public

  1. a good piece….we here at the Trenches are well aware of the deceptions …..I am curious as to why you did not mention Baghdadi’s death had been reported several times before the October 2019 report

    1. Baghdadi’s death is old news, basically. Also, I preferred to focus on this persona only because the whole situation is already too difficult to understand for many, many people out there.

      I do see why you’d expect Baghdadi’s death to be mentioned.

      Thanks for your feedback. – Arthur

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