No New Evidence Presented by CNN to Support Obama’s Claim of Citizenship

In spite of a constant barrage from CNN and MSNBC attempting to portray the birther issue as a conspiracy theory put forth by a handful of right wing nuts, 62% of Americans now believe that President Obama was not born in this country.  Hence CNN came forth with a so called investigation that they say settles the issue once and for all in that Obama was born in Hawaii. 

So what new evidence have they discovered?  Well they showed a computer generated certificate of live birth and some old newspaper articles.  Aren’t these the documents that 62% of the Americans are disputing?  I guess CNN thinks that if one of their talking heads comes forth and says, “We have conducted an investigation and found that Obama was indeed born in Hawaii” that we the people would just say, “CNN has investigated, so what they say must be true.”

This so called investigation is no more credible than the phony opinion polls.  CNN interviewed a lady out in front of the records department in Hawaii who claims she had seen the actual birth certificate.  She pointed at the building and said the birth certificate was in the vault.  Now come on people, do they really think we are that stupid?  If it was indeed in that vault no more than fifty feet away, why not just bring it out and show it to the people and settle the question once and for all?

Obama himself has stated that the document is missing, which can only be believed if you believe it ever existed. 

The fact is not just some but all of the records of Obama’s life in Kenya and Indonesia have been destroyed.  Why? 

He had an Indonesian passport.  They only way he could have had an Indonesian passport, assuming he was born in Hawaii, would be to surrender his American citizenship.  After which, in order to become an American citizen again, he would have had to apply for citizenship and be naturalized, which would have made him ineligible for the presidency.

All of these things coupled with the CIA blips on the radar when you look into his past, indicate that he not only is not an American citizen, but very well could be a foreign CIA asset that has been planted in our White House. 

Not only did he not accomplish anything he said he would as a candidate, but he has in fact done the complete opposite.  Remember he said he was going to end the wars, end the Patriot Act, no more signing statements, close Guantanamo Bay, and end the tax cuts for the top 2%.  These are just a few of the things he said he would do that he did not.  He in fact strengthened the Patriot Act, and correct me if I’m wrong, but I do believe we just invaded Libya, expanding our involvement in wars in the Middle East, rather than ending them.

These propagandists have to know that we the people no longer believe one word coming out of their collective mouths.  They have lost all credibility and are being overshadowed by the truth being put out over the net.  It will be interesting to see what they will try next when they get the “No Sale” on their phony investigation.

God let these propagandists go the way of the dodo bird.

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    1. Point #2

      Both Parents must be born in America to be a natural born citizen of the United States. Clearly, they were not.

  1. I’ve got something that was posted on this site awhile back that I saved. It’s from a site called ””, and the headline reads ” Obama failure and socialism / Kenya says BHosamma is Kenyan “. Anybody remember that ? Along with the story explaining how his Kenyan birth certificates were acquired, it shows pictures of them, plain as the nose on your face. I might be wrong, but I thought that this was legitimate, and I’ve been wondering why this fraudulent traitor hasn’t been impeached by now. Henry, Mark, Rick, help me out on this. Like I said, I got it off of this site, and I think one of you gentlemen posted it. I was so pissed off when I saw it that I put in my ” Favorites “, and saved it.

  2. That’s it, kinda. The post I’m talking about had a 2 page B.C., but you got one of them. I think maybe it was a link that you were supposed to click on a post. I don’t buy they’re bullshit, either. Bat-ears can’t produce any birth certificate, so what are we suppose to believe, because, Mark, I don’t believe one word that comes outta that frauds mouth.

    1. Sam-

      Did you click on the part that says. “Obamas Birth Certificate” right above the birth certificates picture? It takes you to the fourwinds site.Also click on the part inside of my article where Obamas wife is on video telling the world that Barry is from Kenya.

      What the disbelievers are trying to say is that the part on the birth certificate that says, “Republic of Kenya” proves that the document is a fake because Kenya wasn’t a “Republic” until 10 months after the date on the document.

      This has been disproved.

      1. You’re right on the money, Mark. I’m trackin’ now. I figured I was missing something. Must be old age. The B.C. on your post looks a lot more authentic than the one they released today. I wonder what took ’em so long to whip up that forgery. They didn’t do a very good job, according to the site I saw his ” newly discovered B.C. ” on. This site pointed out about 4 or 5 obvious discrepancies in the new one.

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