7 thoughts on “No Word From the Trenches

  1. Happy thanksgiving everyone.
    Today on the hillybilly thxgiving menu.
    Chili burgers with sharp cheddar cheese.
    Vodka and weed and nicotine.
    Me and the dogs are going to eat and get stoned and maybe fall down in the snow.
    I’m paying for the two days I fkd off.
    But at the end of the day we’re still happy to be alive.
    At 23 Degrees and listening to John Coltrane at x a.m.
    I’m thankfull to still be alive and not dead.
    Happy Thanksgiving….!!!!

    1. I’m loving ya flee! I’d rather be at your house than mine. I cooked for 14. It was actually nice and relaxing, but sometimes I’d rather have a chili burger than a full turkey dinner.

      Save me some vodka weed and nicotine. 🙂 <3

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