Not All Americans Have The Right To Bear Arms

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No matter which side of the gun debate you fall on, we can all agree that gun laws are confusing. As notes, there are federal laws, state laws, and local municipal laws, all of which can be contradictory.

There is still debate as to whether the Second Amendment is intended to give individuals the right to keep and bear arms or whether that right was meant as a collective to protect the state, though rulings in the last decade have upheld an individual’s right to bear arms.  

The United States is #1 for personal firearms ownership per capita by a longshot- the U.S. has 5% of the world’s population and owns an estimated 50% of the civilian owned guns in the world. That said, there are still millions of Americans who are federally prohibited from owning personal firearms. For starters, anyone under 18 years of age is prohibited from owning firearms- that’s nearly 71 million people. Also, anyone convicted of a felony- another nearly 6 million people- are prohibited from owning firearms. Illegal aliens, who make up nearly 12 million of the people in the United States, are also prohibited from owning firearms. Also prohibited from owning firearms are fugitives from justice, persons deemed to be dangerously mentally ill, drug addicts, dishonorably discharged military personnel, anyone who has renounced their U.S. citizenship, and anyone who has been indicted for or convicted of crimes punishable by over 1 year in prison.

There are also limits to the types of firearms that can be owned by individuals without special licenses. Semi-automatic handguns and rifles are legal to own, but fully automatic weapons are only legal for police, the military, and persons with special licenses. In addition there are limits to the type of ammunition that can be owned by private individuals. Learn more about federal gun laws as well as laws that vary by state from this infographic!

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9 thoughts on “Not All Americans Have The Right To Bear Arms

  1. Everyone has the right to bear arms regardless of what any other people (including government) or man-made constitution says or doesn’t say. The only exceptions are those who have proven themselves to be a grave danger to the rights of others (serial killers, rapists, US police and other violent gang members, etc.).

    This follows from the simple observation that no individual or group has any right to ownership (i.e., enslavement) of any other individual or group. If there’s no right to own other people, then as a practical matter it’s necessary that all people have realistic means for preventing their own enslavement by others.

    Incidentally, the way I see it, I don’t own guns to protect my life so much as my freedom and dignity while I happen to be alive. Preventing one’s own death at the hands of others can never be guaranteed. For example, any time I’m at the shooting range, another shooter could easily go nuts, then ambush and kill me (that’s how the psychopathic turd Chris Kyle met his end). Getting senselessly killed like that would suck, but it would be a far better fate than being disarmed and living the rest of my life under the jackboot.

  2. “There is still debate as to whether the Second Amendment is intended to give individuals the right to keep and bear arms…”

    “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

    There may well be a ‘debate’ on the subject, but there can be absolutely NO QUESTION as to the intent…

    … “shall not be infringed… wait for it…………. PERIOD”!!!

  3. Since a “free state” can not be a free state if it is overreaching and oppressing its People, how can a militia be perceived as anything other than the People? The state would be the only potential source of attack on their freedoms. If the state were deemed to have greater firepower than the People, it would be designed to never be deposed, thus negating the point of the Second. There is no argument as to who would be liable to correct the issue of a state that is not free. It is the People. The People ARE the militia who are duty bound to overthrow it.

  4. NO free man, and when I say free I mean not presently incarcerated for a crime which has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt through a jury of his peers and a sentence that has been imposed that does NOT violate cruel and unusual punishment(ie life sentence of being helpless against threats, state or personal) should be disbarred from the Second. If you have served your time and released because you have, then you have. Otherwise, you have received a life sentence of servitude and are STILL being punished. If a crime is attempted against another person, THAT person has the right to defend themselves with their own right to defend themselves and should justly end in the assailant meeting a justified end, should the victim be exercising their rights. If they choose NOT to exercise them in any way, they had a choice but were derelict. If they still succumb to an attack, their fellow man and the law is held accountable to bring the accused to a fair trial and have justice meted out in a manner consistent with the Bill of Rights.

  5. Preclusion to such an important right which protects it’s People from an oppressive govt can, will and IS being used to keep the tools of freedom out of the hands of the intended slave. It will most certainly be applied to those who voice dissent with their oppressor. This would be you so be careful what you wish for when dealing with the kosher genie.

  6. “No matter which side of the gun debate you fall on…..blah, blah, blah…

    Horse droppings……. there is no “debate”. There is the simple, and obvious English interpretation of the Second Article, and there’s commie propaganda.

    There’s nothing to discuss, but a pack of lying Jews will run the topic in circles for generations until every word has an altered meaning. You’ll just have to shoot ’em, and then they’ll understand… and that’s ALL they’ll understand.

  7. “Not All Americans Have The Right To Bear Arms”


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