Now Microsoft is breaking Windows 7 to get users to upgrade to Windows 10

Beta News – by Wayne Williams

Microsoft has made a change to an update for Windows 7 that can prevent certain systems from booting. While you might expect me to say, “good news, the software giant has fixed the problem”, in fact what Microsoft has done is switch the update from “optional”, to “recommended”. So, on some systems, it will now install, and break Windows 7 automatically.

There is good news though, and that’s you can solve the problem and get your computer working again by (can you guess?) upgrading to Windows 10. Hooray!  

The update in question is KB3133977 and what this does is fix a problem that stops BitLocker encrypting drives because of service crashes in svhost.exe. If that’s a problem you have, you’ll welcome the fix.

Unless you have an ASUS motherboard.

As Microsoft explains:

After you install update 3133977 on a Windows 7 x64-based system that includes an ASUS-based main board, the system does not start, and it generates a Secure Boot error on the ASUS BIOS screen. This problem occurs because ASUS allowed the main board to enable the Secure Boot process even though Windows 7 does not support this feature.


This wasn’t much of a problem before because, as I say, the update was optional. But now it’s recommended, people are encountering this issue where they wouldn’t have done so previously. Woody Leonhard at InfoWorld says he’s seeing a lot more problems being reported.

Thankfully, ASUS has a solution to the problem, which you can read about here.

Microsoft also has a solution:

The Secure Boot feature is supported in Windows 10. To learn more about the security advantages of this feature and about the upgrade path from Windows 7 to Windows 10, go to the following Windows website:

To be fair, this problem is the fault of ASUS rather than Microsoft, but switching the update from optional to recommended is going to be what causes people trouble.

Beta News

12 thoughts on “Now Microsoft is breaking Windows 7 to get users to upgrade to Windows 10

    1. What will you do when they (basically) collapse 7?

      I do not want 10 yet I know I will be forced into that gov box soon.
      My understanding is it is still free, soon it will not be that way. :/

      1. The only way for them to do that is if you update, so long as you stop it from updating (never update your system EVER again) then the programming needed to FORCE the update is not there. I am two years behind on updates (going on three now) and so none of this is on my computer, without it they can do nothing to force me to update till I install one of their bugs. Just never update, never update anything having to do with win7 and lock it out from updating. The only people getting “crashed” are those who keep up to date with their bug updates (also knows as ALL microsoft updates considering they are all bugs) so long as you avoid the updates… Your ok. Maybe see if you can use virus protection to force lockout the update system.

        1. I turned my windows auto-updater off back in 2012. It seemed like every time it updated it screwed up my computer. So I just shut it off. My computer works great now.
          Sure, I have a little red flag in my system tray but that’s a small price to pay for improved functionality.

          1. I know, that is why I shut mine off in 2012 too, no longer have issues except to change out my graphics card because it burned out. Learned to keep the darn updates turned off after the last computer had endless issues with auto-update on. Burned out real fast, this one is now getting older and… Still running smooth. Now if only I could remove the spyware that came with win7.

  1. From my computer guru son…
    This is legit. I actually happened. Lots of people are pissed. The simple solution is to just not have automatic updates enabled.

  2. I agree with Stuzz completely,clear your computer completely and then go linux,why even deal with govt. ass kissing micro unit?!

  3. Windows 10 must be packed with spyware and backdoors if they’re trying so hard to cram it down everyone’s throat.

    My Windows 7 is working fine, and hasn’t been updated since I bought the computer.

    Control panel > windows update > change settings > never check for updates (in the drop-down menu). End of story.

  4. I do update (choose to update and choose which updates), but ONLY SECURITY UPDATES and Windows Defender updates are allowed.

    The other Windows 7 updates can be hidden, but right clicking twice on the update, then choose hide updates. that doesn’t prevent Microsoft from being sneaky and continuing to download “recommended” updates that I have to hide every “patch Tuesday”.

    When the “choose” option is no longer available is when I will shut off updates completely. I know eventually I will have to go with Linux.

  5. the update called kb976902 is a forced update i had my updatter turned off and they still updated my pc with crap that stops games i paid for the stop working the games are Assassin’s Creed Freedom Cry and Assassin’s Creed Liberation and Call of Duty Black Ops II there may be more but my lawyer is setting a law suit against microsoft for breaking and entering my pc they will pay for each game i have lost and that is money

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