One World – One Order: Beijing, Washington To Hold Joint Naval Drills

World Events and the Bible

WEB Notes: Go ahead and lock this in your mind. The same scenario exists for Russia as well. All of these nations are being controlled by the children of Satan. In one breath they talk about war which is posturing and a way to keep the left hand from knowing what the right is doing. Nations who are seriously facing hostile tensions do not perform war drills together, that is just common sense. They all participate in the same global financial system and serve the same master.

Despite South China Sea territorial disputes exacerbating diplomatic disagreements between Beijing and Washington, the Chinese navy will participate in a series of US-initiated maritime drills this summer that are said to be the world’s largest. On Friday, US Vice Admiral Joseph Aucoin announced that China would take part in the biannual Washington-led Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) exercises, to be held off the Hawaii coast in June and July.

China has taken part in previous RIMPAC drills, but an ongoing territorial dispute in the South China Sea led to a deterioration of cooperation between the two countries. “The PLAN (People’s Liberation Army Navy) will participate in an exercise, the largest exercise that we do, in a couple of months,” Aucoin said to journalists at a news conference in Shanghai. Earlier in March, the US suggested that they may “reassess” the participation of Beijing in the upcoming drills.

Source: One World – One Order: Beijing, Washington to hold joint Naval Drills | Utopia

World Events and the Bible

4 thoughts on “One World – One Order: Beijing, Washington To Hold Joint Naval Drills

  1. “Nations who are seriously facing hostile tensions do not perform war drills together, that is just common sense.”

    Unfortunately, common sense is a rarity these days (among the majority, anyway).

    Insanity abounds.

  2. Terminator, The Matrix, and Hunger Games are the illuminati setting us up for a surprise…something like Walking Dead.

    1. Hi Childe,

      No,.. no surprise here.

      We know they are setting us up for global enslavement, and mass exterminations via population reductions thru vaccines, economic chaos, starvation, Chem trails, and good ol’ fashion war.

      Nothing surprising about it all,…. its all their tried and true formula that has been used hundreds, even thousands of times in the past,… now comes the ultimate prize,… capture and control of the whole planet,… and annilation of billions of people.

      Nothing to see here people,… just global enslavement and mass extermination,… move along,… move along….

      JD – US Marines – The only people this is a surprise to,… are those who do not know real history.


  3. My Fellow Americans:

    Anyone who buys any of this theater is an idiot.


    If you want to understand who is in control of this,.. do NOT look at the puppets,.. the nation-state marionettes,… look at who is controlling the strings,…

    It will ALWAYS lead you back to the national and international communists, the international bankers, the Brown’s, the Harrimans, Warburgs, Morgans, Rockefellars, etc,… and especially the Rothchilds.

    JD – US Marines – The Rothchild Formula,.. to get World War going,… you MUST,.. MUST,.. MUST create the context of nation-states needing to massacre each other, lend ficticious money to both sides, especially when they have zero need to seek mutual annilation,… and then indebt both, or several nations, for the next several generations as they kill millions of each other.


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