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NYC mayor says gov’t sometimes has to infringe on freedoms, so deal

(From left) File photo of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg & Sen. Charles Schumer at a joint news conference (© Yuri Gripas/Reuters)MSM

Here’s something you probably shouldn’t say when half the people of New York City already hate you for infringing on their freedom: “I do think there are certain times we should infringe on your freedom.”

But that’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg for you, once again throwing himself into the thick of controversy by saying the government should sometimes be allowed to block citizens’ rights to make personal choices.  

The mayor called the judge who shot down his soda ban legislation “clearly wrong,” vowing to continue his fight to limit sugary drinks to smaller serving sizes. If the mayor doesn’t watch his step, the good people of NYC may soon start infringing on his right to open his mouth and speak into a microphone. [Source]

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10 Responses to NYC mayor says gov’t sometimes has to infringe on freedoms, so deal

  1. NC says:

    Pee-Wee definitely needs to be put down. I’m quadrupling my lottery ticket now. (See the comment section from the “Word from the Trenches”)

    This bastard needs to have his head pulled by the neck until his eyes fall out and his head comes off. Meanwhile someone else needs to tie his balls up and pull them at the same time until each one falls off one by one. Skin the bastard alive!

  2. NC says:

    I’m betting this bastard is going to double his security guards by the time summer begins with the way he keeps coming out and destroying our country and our way of life.

  3. John W. says:

    If you’re going to infringe on my freedoms, get a warrant first.

    • NC says:

      I tried that with the Round Rock Police in TX. It didn’t work and they arrested me for “interference with a public servant”. I’m sure NYPD would do the same. Police don’t know the Constitution anymore. They only know their made up, “I’m a police officer. Do as I say” law.

  4. Alberet says:

    Bloomberg is working to reinstate SLAVERY. When the government can DICTATE how much soda-pop you are PERMITTED to drink at one time, that IS SLAVERY. What aspect of your life is NOT under their “COMMAND”?! Any government that will torture will enslave.

  5. resist tyranny says:

    What despotic traits do the two dual-citizen rimjobs pictured above share?

  6. It is I only says:

    But it’s all for a “good cause” you schmucks!
    Mayor Michael Bloomberg

  7. Bill in IL says:

    Proving once again he is an arrogant, moronic control freak who should be locked in a padded cell in Riker’s Island prison for the rest of his miserable life.

  8. Strayhorse says:

    TYRANNY!!! Hence the reason for the 2nd Amendment. Tyranny. Unbridled, arrogant, with malice and without remorse. Thank you Bloomberg you Sayanim spy, for proving the point that the 2nd Amendment is for fighting against tyranny, NOT hunting.

  9. rhumstruck says:

    We need a 21st century version of a RACK! Just for PeeWee!
    Let me see, a medieval rack is a good starting point but maybe it could be electrified for even more enjoyment! Just think, with every click of the cog PeeWee gets zapped! We could waterboard him at the same time.
    Boys and Girls the Big Top is going to be so much fun!
    I can hardly wait!!!!

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