Bloomberg: Kimani Gray’s Mother Changed Cell Phone Number To Avoid My Condolences

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While Mayor Michael Bloomberg has promised to conduct a “full and fair investigation” into the death of Kimani Gray, the 16-year-old shot and killed by NYPD officers in Brooklyn earlier this month, his plans to offer condolences to Gray’s parents have proved unsuccessful.

The New York Times reports Bloomberg has attempted to reach out to the mother, Carol Gray, on numerous occasions but she remains uninterested in speaking with the mayor.  

“I give eulogies at cops’ funerals,” Bloomberg said. “I call parents when their kids are killed. You know, sometimes I don’t get to them. There’s this 16-year-old. I’ve tried, and the woman, the mother, is not taking any calls, changed her phone number so I can’t, but I did reach out.”

An attorney representing Gray’s mother dismissed the mayor’s attempts as mere publicity stunts.

“We weren’t interested in the photo op,” Kenneth J. Montgomery said. “In the totem pole of important things and important emotions, that would come somewhere at the bottom.”

On March 9, Gray was shot seven times by plainclothes officers who claim the boy had pulled a gun at them.

Bloomberg is a staunch defender of NYPD stop-and-frisks, the same police practice community members say led to Gray’s tragic death.

His death has ignited a wave of protests in the East Flatbushneighborhood of Brooklyn where Gray lived and died. Dozens were arrested.

Gray’s mother said she did not condone the violence that erupted at some of the demonstrations, but instead wants answers.

At Gray’s funeral this past Saturday, neither Bloomberg nor Police Commissioner Ray Kelly were present.

7 thoughts on “Bloomberg: Kimani Gray’s Mother Changed Cell Phone Number To Avoid My Condolences

  1. Sure and if the incident had gone unnoticed, I’m sure Bloominidiot would have taken the time to contact her. This guy is lower than the shit that into my toilet. That’s all I have to say.

  2. Bloomberg is that insane. I suggest he stay out of knife range of any Parents …… on second thought, Bloomberg should give them a big long hug.
    Bloomberg is working to reinstate SLAVERY. When the government can DICTATE how much soda-pop you are PERMITTED to drink at one time, that IS SLAVERY. What aspect of your life is NOT under their “COMMAND”?! Any government that will torture will enslave.

      1. To be fair I would change my number but only after I had managed to have one very short conversation

  3. I’m assuming, being the slimeball that he is, that he could easily acquire any number, at any time, that his lttle black heart desires.

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