NYPD bringing back plainclothes officers

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New York City mayor, and former NYPD officer, Eric Adams has decided to bring back a controversial unit to help police the streets of New York.

According to NPR, Adams has vowed to reduce or end gun violence on the streets. He believes in order to maintain his promise, Adams is bringing back the controversial plainclothes unit that sees officers dressed in regular clothes patrol the streets.

The rest is here: https://leoaffairs.com/nypd-bringing-back-plainclothes-officers/

4 thoughts on “NYPD bringing back plainclothes officers

  1. Bad idea
    But you go right ahead and do whatever you want
    But the argument in court is going to be
    “ I feared for my life and didn’t know he was a pig”

  2. Re: “Adams has promised that this version of the unit will be different. Officers will be required to wear body cameras, track only known criminals, and face consequences if they overstep.”

    Surrrre, we can trust this. And tracking only “known criminals”… Would that mean that once you’re a criminal, you’ll be a criminal FOREVER and forever on watch?!!

    But ain’t we ALL always out there in plainclothes, and with the right to arrest anyone who is infringing on our rights or inflicting harm on innocents? And doesn’t this come with the absolute right to drag this person(s) into our Common Law Courts to be tried? And also, while in plainclothes, in more extreme life-threatening situations, do we not have the right to self-protect and to kill anyone threatening our lives? Yes we do!! All in plainclothes.


    1. Sorry brother, they have no more jurisdictional authority to protect your rights than you do, and are in fact a running violation of the 9th Article of our supreme superior law and hence are enemy combatants as they work for the corporate aristocracy that has declared war on our Bill of Rights.
      No quarter.

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