US Embassy In Ukraine Shows Off First Biden ‘Lethal Aid’ Shipments To Arrive

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

The US Embassy in Kyiv, Ukraine, on Saturday is showing off the first part of a $200 million “security assistance” package for Ukraine’s army which has arrived rather quickly after the Biden administration approved it.

“The donation, which includes close to 200,000 pounds of lethal security assistance, including ammunition for the front line defenders of Ukraine, demonstrates the United States’ strong commitment to Ukraine’s sovereign right to self-defense,” the U.S. embassy said in posts on Facebook and Twitter.

In total Washington has issued over $2.7 billion in defense aid going back to the 2014, with the latest commitment of $650 million more being pledged last year.

The embassy featuring photographs of the newly arrived lethal aid is meant as assurance to its Ukrainian ally, but is also aimed at Moscow in a bit of continued muscle-flexing as the West has condemned its troop build-up near the border. This despite that Friday talks in Geneva between Antony Blinken and Russian FM Sergey Lavrov seemed to open a path toward de-escalation talks.

The US embassy-Kiev described:

“The United States will continue providing such assistance to support Ukraine’s Armed Forces in their ongoing effort to defend Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity against Russian aggression. As President Biden told President Putin, should Russia further invade Ukraine, the United States will provide additional defensive material to Ukraine above and beyond that already provided.”

Likely much of this initial defense aid features anti-tank missiles and other anti-armor weaponry, and additional munitions. Of most concern for the West and Ukraine’s national forces remains thwarting Russia’s tanks if they were to enter Donbass.

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    1. Whatever it takes to get the tribe back to their original home called Kazakhstan now.
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