Obama Admin Approves Sale of Sensitive Military Technology to China

battery-systems-sold-to-chinaHuman Events – by Audrey Hudson

A Chinese company will take charge of sensitive military and battery technology following the Treasury Department’s decision on Tuesday to permit the sale of a U.S. company that was bankrolled with tax dollars to the Shanghai-based Wanxiang firm.

The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) approved the $256 million sale of A123 Systems’ operation, despite warnings from military insiders and lawmakers on Capitol Hill that the sale presents a danger to national security.

A123 Systems, which went bankrupt despite the Obama administrations’ $249 million in green energy funding to produce advanced lithium ion batteries, controls 91 patents for the sensitive technology.

“The approved sale marks yet another step in the coordinated strategy by foreign countries to acquire leading U.S. companies who are researching, developing and producing critical technologies,” said Dean Popps, co-chairman of the Strategic Materials Advisory Council. “CFIUS itself has recognized this strategy but continues to fail to do anything to prevent it.” The committee has not made public its rationale for the decision.

The decision signals a reversal from President Barack Obama’s inaugural day pledge not to “cede to other nations’ critical energy technology,” Popps said.

“Far from protecting America’s lead, as the president promised on the west front of the Capitol, his administration has just allowed China to leapfrog the world in advanced batteries at the expense of American taxpayers,” Popps said.

The cutting edge technology is the preferred tool used in satellite systems; military vehicles, the power grid and telecommunication systems and can withstand high heat and extremely cold temperatures.

The deal was also questioned by Capitol Hill lawmakers who warned the acquisition presents considerable risks, and Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) introduced legislation requiring safeguards on future decisions by the committee.

Battery maker A123 is one of 36 green companies that were awarded federal dollars from the Energy Department but are now facing bankruptcy or are laying off workers, including Solyndra, Evergreen Solar, Beacon Power, SunPower and SpectraWatt.


6 thoughts on “Obama Admin Approves Sale of Sensitive Military Technology to China

  1. Nothing but treason. Those responsible should be tried and the sentence carried out. And of course the deal cancelled.

  2. The good thing about this is if we do get into a civil war with DHS, our government and the military, then we don’t have to worry to much about their weapons, vehicles and machinery because chances are they will all malfunction and backfire right in front of them, since all of their batteries were made in China. HAHAAHA!!!!

    Meanwhile, us patriots will be reloading our bullets, making our own guns and blowing the shit out of our foreign government with our own weapons and independent brains that are not dependent on the government, just like we were in the Revolutionary War. Britain had the guns, but we made our own powder and beat the shit out of them with knives and pitchforks, so we can do it again. They may think they have all the weapons, but they can never take away the most powerful weapon we have and that’s our own innovative, independent mind.

  3. Wow,…

    Now I’ starting to get a little confused.

    What has to happen before this government would be willing to say,.. “thats treason!”

    Answer: Right now,.. there is no act that this government can commit that it will self-label as treasonous.

    This is just another one of those unmistakeable indicators that,… it is time to abolish this government and ALL its criminal agencies,.. before there is nothing left to save of America.

    JD – US Marines – Wow,… you can’t even make this kind of stuff up……

  4. A group of top ranked U.S.military officers was going to arrest B. Clinton for this same strange act. Bush43 virtually handed China a U.S. spy plane loaded with electronics and patrolling a few miles off China. So you can say that these swine laugh out loud when they hear someone innocent was murdered or an American soldier died because of executive back room dealing.

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