Obama and Holder take over from Jackson and Sharpton

WEB Commentary – by Sher Zieve

The Obama-Holder team has now taken over the investigation of the Ferguson, MO shooting. At the same time, that team has, apparently, effectively usurped both the city’s authority and the titles of “biggest race hustlers and race-baiters in America” from the team of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Note: I assume the Jackson-Sharpton team is now demanding royalties from both Holder and Obama.  

Determined to find (or likely fabricate?) “evidence” in order to indict and prosecute the badly-beaten-by-Michael-Brown Police Officer Darren Wilson, over 50 federal “investigators” who report to Obama and Holder are now on the ground in Ferguson, Missouri. Tragically, the city of Ferguson has already been turned into a Leftist Mecca, with hordes of out-of0-city agitators ensuring the burning and looting continue in Ferguson and spread to other nearby cities including Dellwood and Rehobeth. After all, free stuff is free stuff and if you can get away with stealing it…why not? Why work for anything when all you have to do is riot and pillage from others?

What we know, thus far, from eye witnesses and cell-phone videos is that Michael Brown and his accomplice Dorian Johnson in a strong-arm robbery were walking down the middle of a street in Ferguson. On patrol Police Officer Darren Wilson told Brown to get out of the street. Brown, apparently, briefly complied and then began walking in the street again. The officer is said to have pulled up beside him and told Brown again to get our=t of the street. The officer stopped his patrol car, Brown reached into the car and tried to get Wilson’s gun and then began beating him in the head. Brown was approximately 300 ponds and well over 6 feet tall. Brown began running away from Wilson’s car as Wilson exited, pulled his gun and shouted at Brown to stop. Eventually, he did and–from eyewitness reports–then began charging at the officer. Wilson told him again to stop, Brown ignored him and the officer began firing. Eventually, Brown was brought down and died at the scene. Note: Many of the cell phone video accounts of Michael Brown’s behavior have now been scrubbed from the Internet by YouTube.

Officer Darren Wilson’s confirmed severe injuries, which include but are not limited to broken bones in his skull and a fractured eye socket (aka “orbital blow out”). Brown has been called a “gentle giant” by a fawning and less-than-honest US media. He was a giant but, he was not even close to gentle. From the recent videos (below), he was a thug. Note that in one of the videos below, an eyewitness is heard saying that Brown doubled back and was running towards (charging) the officer before he was shot and killed.

For those of you who regularly read my columns, you know that I have not been a fan of the militarization of local police. However, in the case of riots, it seems the only logical choice…short of letting the rioters bur and pillage. Unfortunately, this is what officer-in-charge Ron Johnson allowed to happen and Ferguson stores have been completely destroyed. The police–as do we all–do have an inherent right to protect their own lives. And the race baiters and hustlers continue to ply their wares, while now including the highest levels of political office in the USA. Folks, when was it that we stopped paying attention–altogether–to whom we were electing?

Anti-police Leftists take control of Ferguson shooting investigation: http://www.powerlineblog.com/archives/2014/08/anti-police-leftists-take-control-of-ferguson-shooting-investigation.php

VIDEO – Officer Darren Wilson Badly Beaten by Michael Brown Before Being Shot to Death: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T5e8S-fyaPw

Michael Brown Strong arm Robbery videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRZ3K7U5gHk

Stills of Brown strong-arming clerk: http://dailysignal.com/2014/08/15/ferguson-police-video-shows-michael-brown-robbing-convenience-store-clerk/

Warning Language. At 6:30 minute mark, a bystander can be heard saying Brown was running towards the Cop: http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2014/08/17/He-Kept-Coming-Toward-Him-Video-in-Aftermath-of-Michael-Brown-Shooting-Describes-the-Incident

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9 thoughts on “Obama and Holder take over from Jackson and Sharpton

  1. You know, I really don’t care about this Ferguson thing. Never really did. Knew it was a false flag and never really felt like wasting my time commenting on it, as it’s clearly just a distraction from the invasion at the border. And since I’m near the border, I’m more interested on how THAT situation is going than this ridiculous racial version of the Sandy Hoax, dog and pony show that they’ve got playing over and over again in the MSM. But hey, that’s just me and the fact that I live in Texas.

    The only thing worth studying out of this Ferguson event are the police state tactics that they will use when a similar event happens in town. Other than that, this Ferguson event is a joke. The Communists/Zionists still can’t figure out that playing the race card will never work and is getting old.

          1. ??? I actually don’t remember that tag team. lol

            Were they around the same time as the Bushwhackers?

          2. That’s who I was thinking of. They were WCW? at first, but got so popular they crossed over to the WWF.

            Eating the sardines was pretty whack.

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