Obama at G20 Summit Receiving Marching Orders – Patriots Prepare for War

President Barack Hussein Obama AKA Barry Soetoro AKA Barry the Rat is off to France to attend the G-20 Summit wherein he will receive his marching orders from the international politburo.  Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou has announced that the proposed Greek bailout will not be occurring unless approved through a national referendum by the Greek people, evidently in an attempt to stave off a forced rendezvous with a guillotine.

Many of the international elite are very upset with Greece.  This being said there may very well be decisive actions around the world by the international corporate mafia in an effort to regain control of the world population.

Greece has a population of 11 million and they are standing their ground.  How would it be if a population of 350 million, each and every one armed to the teeth, stood up here in the United States and told these international mobsters that the game is over?

The venom being displayed by the mainstream propaganda machine against the Occupy movement is increasing with each passing day, putting forth assertions like “The protesters are criminals” and “Someone should put a stop to them.”  Funny, is this not what we are saying about them?

The talking heads on FOX had a neo-con Tea Party infiltrator on Follow the Money.  She first stated that she did not know what the protesters wanted and in fact she said nobody does.  And then she said that the protesters want free education, free health care and basically for the government to take care of them.  The next two guests were even worse, trying to portray the protesters as dimwitted pawns fostering a communist revolution.

The mayor of Oakland California pulled the police back in that city and said she was hoping for peaceful protests.  This woman is an Oriental, one generation, if that, removed from her old country.  These people know the danger of large crowds of angry citizenry.

The elite are trying every method to divide we the people into two opposing camps in order to get us to kill one another for them.  What they have accomplished is uniting the American people of the American race with a consolidated determination to throw off this illegitimate unconstitutional government and reinstate the Republic.

Be advised and be on alert.  Our enemies are desperate and a false flag, chemical or biological attack, perpetrated by the US CIA and the Israeli Mossad is being predicted as imminent on many fronts.  Stay prepared.

If something happens do not panic, as the gage of our first reaction may very well determine the full extent of their attack.  If we do not panic, if we take up our arms in unison and simply say, “Bring it on”, they will be the ones acting in panic.  And we will have such an advantage that we may very well have to shut down our airports in order to capture the criminals before they flee.

I think the time we have all been waiting for is upon us and if we act with courage we will destroy our enemy in one fatal swoop with minimal casualties.  If we hesitate the added casualties will be reflected in degree.  If we stand firm they cannot touch us and they know it.

This is for our children and grandchildren that we may leave them the promise of the Republic under our Constitution, and the sacred obligation to do so should be more precious to us than our lives.  Our resolve must be absolute.

We must make our enemies regret the pent up anger they have been fostering in us through their merciless oppression.  When they meet us in battle, let them be enveloped with regret when they look into our faces and see the eyes of our founding fathers looking back.  Let them rue the day they woke the sleeping giant.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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