Obama Brings in Hit Man

President Obama has called on another one of his Chicago gangland buddies to come to work for him in our Whitehouse.  William Daley, son of legendary Mayor of Chicago, Richard J. Daley, and brother to current Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley, is going to be Obama’s new Chief of Staff.  He served as U.S. Secretary of Commerce from 1997 to 2000 and is a lawyer and business executive.  Currently he is serving on the Executive Committee of J.P. Morgan Chase & Co that received $25 billion in bailout cash.  He reportedly opposed the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  He also led the effort to loosen regulations on accounting and auditing.  Daley is known for his supporting business friendly policies.  So, looks like we have another crooked banker in the Whitehouse.  Things are bound to get better now.

Remember when you were a kid in school, remember the big lie, no not drugs, I mean when they told us that any one of us could grow up to be president?  Year after year the same people continue to rule over us.  Our government power base has become a hereditary institution.  And year after year we have to watch new relatives being brought into the fold.  Some of which, like John Boehner, honestly appear to be mildly retarded.  What a mess.

In other news the number of first time filings for unemployment unexpectedly rose and came in at 409,000.  Wow, I guess Christmas must be over.  And as predicted new consumer reports are showing that consumer spending is not only not on the rise, but on the decline.  The drop is being blamed on consumer fears of worsening unemployment numbers, a worsening housing market, and fears of future job losses.  It seems the miraculous one month recovery has come to an abrupt end.

Starting in the beginning of December the mainstream propagandists put on their best lying faces and started chanting, “Happy days are here again, go out and spend, spend, spend.”  And all through December that is what they reported people doing.  However today they are saying that those with money in their pockets are not spending.  Instead they are stashing their money in preparation for the hard times they believe are coming.  I guess maybe the American people have realized that those posing as their representative government are nothing more than a lying pack of thieves, hell bent on taking everything the people have left.

There is still no mention of the 99ers.  There has however been a lot of talk about the plight of the illegal aliens in our country.  These people have rights in our country, don’t you know, and politicians ignore them at their own peril.

Two bombs went off in Maryland state offices Thursday.  Well I guess they weren’t exactly bombs and no one was really hurt.  The speculation is running wild as to the motive.  Could it be that as the government has failed through their provocations to push the people to violence, they have taken matters into their own hands and mailed themselves some smoke bombs?

I am looking at a picture of William Daley.  This is a truly frightening man.  Frankly I wouldn’t trust him in an outhouse with a muzzle on.  The man truly looks like a mobster.  I guess all we 99ers can do is keep plugging away on this site and wait to see what tomorrow will bring.  We have to stay focused and on point, and whatever we do we cannot get discouraged.


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  1. What has been done to turn this economy around? We have, again, given tax breaks to the rich so they can trickle down the money. The only benefit I can see is that they are able to buy more and more lavish gifts for themselves. Trickle Down won’t work this time either. What else has been done? Reading the Constitution? Talking about the situation? Fudging the numbers? Nothing is going to change because nothing has been done to affect change. What plans are in the works to get Americans back to work? Hiring a Wall Street Guru as COS? We can call, fax, and email Congress all we want. That’s what the staff is for, handling all those calls, faxes and emails. We need to find a way, collectively, to make those in charge uncomfortable – for them – with the way things are now. Until they are forced to eat syrup sandwiches, syrup sandwiches will remain on the menu. Sure, we can continue to beg for fairness until we will become an overnight sensation like Ted Williams and suddenly receive a boat load of job offers. Plenty of jobs out there, we just need to be homeless long enough and lucky enough to become an overnight sensation in order to qualify. We need to fight fire with fire. We need to create a new reality. Surely they didn’t think of everything. Boehner told Brian Williams that he couldn’t think of one way to cut the deficit “off the top of his head.” Huh??? Its time to start fighting rampant ignorance and greed with knowledge. Put on your Thinking Caps. Its time to bring back innovation, drive and cunning. Together. Step by calculated step. What can we do/build that will make everyone come running? Does anyone have a glimmer of an idea that can be developed with collective thinking. Even though we are being cast aside to starve, freeze and fiend for ourselves, we don’t have to accept it. What’s your stupid idea? It might not be that stupid after all.

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