Obama Continues to Facilitate the Illegal Invasion

The jails and prisons of the United States are literally jammed full of US citizens who have harmed no other person for so called victimless crimes, like possession of marijuana.  One of the cornerstones of our justice system, before the Patriot Act and the takeover of our court system by the corporations, was the great writ; that is habeas corpus, which is Latin for “produce the corps” which is to say you cannot have a crime without a victim.

Now let’s talk about some crimes with victims.  Just in the State of Illinois alone, a hundred fugitives, facing charges of murder, rape, and other serious felonies, have fled across the border back to where they came from, Mexico.  These illegal aliens are coming into our country and committing violent felonies, some capitol, and then returning home to live out their lives, unhampered by the past.

Attorney General Eric Holder has acknowledged the problem, but like the jobs issue this is evidently something they are going to get around to correcting one of these days.

And what of the victims who are United States citizens?  What of the rape victims?  What of the murder victims’ families?  Well they need to be patient and understand that to confront this problem might make the Mexican illegals in this country feel uncomfortable and we just cannot allow this to happen, especially considering the fact that we are coming up on an election year and Obama needs all of his brothers and sisters in the illegal alien insurgency to know that he will sacrifice American lives without a second thought to please his people.

I guess this is just another aspect of the foreign insurgency that we can add to the long list of treasonous impeachable offenses that have been perpetrated upon we the people by the foreigner Obama.

How much are we expected to endure before we take up our weapons and strike out in righteous retaliation?

I walked into a clothing store the other day.  There were between twenty and thirty people in the store and as I walked down the aisles I realized that every single one of them was speaking Spanish.  I quickly came to the realization that out of thirty people I was the only English speaking American and how could this be?  Well it is the Christmas season and evidently the people who speak English cannot afford to go Christmas shopping because evidently the Mexicans have all their jobs.  This is a complete outrage and it must be stopped.

The situation is only going to get worse until we act.  This is our country and these rude, pushy, aliens think they are going to take it away from us.  America, it is time to drive the Mexican back down to Mexico City again.

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  1. i dont see any changes there all over the place i have to ride the mexican limo aka bus all you hear is spanish the only thing missing is the chickens and the cages like today one gets on the limo 4 on the ground one sucking the tit and one in the oven it’s getting worse and the carwash i work at im the only american there go figure and the reason they put my position because i speak english but they deduct a quarter of my pay so instead speaking english im doing japanese im not going to last there they truly pissed me off aregato mr roboto

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