Obama Kills Gaddafi

Well in case you haven’t heard, Barack Obama AKA Barry Soetoro AKA Barry the Rat killed Muammar Gaddafi with his bare hands in an epic one on one fight that will go down in the annuls of history.  And all this time we thought old Barry was just sitting around on his ass, counting the kickbacks he was getting for selling us out.  Of course the Rat’s approval rating went up with the assassination.

Apparently now everything has changed.  The invasion of Libya is no longer a violation of constitutional law and the targeting of a foreign sovereign leader is no longer a violation of international law.  And from this day forth the Nobel Peace Prize will now be given out to the leader with the biggest body count.

Word has it that the contractors are already lining up to see who will be given billions of dollars to rebuild Libya and of course the American taxpayer will foot the bill.  Also of course billions will be swindled in the process.  Isn’t this beginning to seem a little like wiping one’s arse on a hula hoop?  There is just no end to it.

I think that these international killings are being perpetrated for the sole purpose of evaluating their effects on the polls.  All things being equal, if Old Barry can pull off the international assassination of Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad a few weeks before the election, hell he’ll be a shoe-in.

I can see it now.  The multitudes coming out of their tents and out from under the cardboard they are sleeping under and filling the streets as they march to the polls, chanting,  ”Four more years”, “Change”, and “Yes we can.”  I know this sounds insane but I do believe this is how our enemies’ minds work.

Did you see the bloody display of the last moments of Gaddafi’s life?  I’ll bet John McCain was sucking the blood out of a raw steak while he watched.  Do you think it interesting that this gory depiction was on every channel?  I mean considering the fact that just a few short months back we were told that the site of Bin Laden’s dead body would be more than we could handle and that displaying it could cause further anger against the United States.  Strange how things change in such a short time.  And do you think maybe the leaders of Syria and Yemen might be a little angered in seeing how the United States continues to commit international murder with apparent impunity?

We are being told we must all stay vigilant as the weaponry of the Libyan Armed Forces is now in the hands of the Al Qaeda we assisted in the insurgency.  I heard one reporter say that if we only had boots on the ground there we could secure the weapons.  And another referred to the rebels as people we hardly know who might end up killing us with those weapons.

One thing for sure, this prime time murder definitely took the focus off of the Occupy Wall Street protests as the issues of our own people continue to take a back seat to those of other peoples around the world.  So get ready for increased foreign aid to Libya as our long term unemployed go into another frigid winter living on the streets and in tent cities.  And what of their children?  Well, the hell with their children, it is their own fault, don’t you know.

In the immortal words of Herman Cain, “If you do not have a job and are not rich, it is your own fault.”  Don’t blame the bankers, they are only being bankers, it is like blaming a mosquito for sucking your blood.  The mosquito can’t help itself, it is just following its nature, as it is a mosquito.

At any rate, we can all sleep a little sounder tonight knowing that Muammar Gaddafi is dead and the Libyan oil had been secured for the international elite.  At last we have realized the American dream.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

0 thoughts on “Obama Kills Gaddafi

  1. Henry,

    Do I detect a note of sarcasm here perhaps?

    My God! Can you believe this shite? Oh! By the way….Kim Kardashian’s marriage is going sour after only 53 days! C’mon Henry….please try to stay abreast of the more important news items! So who’s your favorite quarter back in the NFL? What about Bobby Blobschnob’s knee injury? Do the Jets need a new coach? (Or is that the Schmets?)

    Damn…there goes dinner again! Great article! Thanks allot! Better than sticking a finger down your throat….no gag…just instant vomit! (LOL)

    1. Brian,
      Sorry but I have no time for football or following the trends in Hollywood, I have a hedge fund to run.

      1. Yeah…me too…what’s 80O M ….in 6 weeks I can scam it up to 3 B!

        Yeah…dat’s wat ahhm tawkin ’bout! Git da ting goin fo da ting dat be da ting,…yeh ! Pizza baby…pizza! Yo!

    2. LOL ! Good one, Brian. Pretty hypocritical showing this graphic shit of Gaddafi, but not even a postage stamp size picture of Bin Laden. What’s that tell ya ?

      1. Well, Clark…aa’s got only a teory…ahh be tinkin’ ’bout wat it ees..an’dat be nuttin ‘ but da ‘ting dat it be…no wat ah be seyin”?

        Sheeit! Ahh no’s wat be goin down…rap on baby..yo! Whatie gotsta go down….yeh!

        P.S.: Pilenos pablanos cilanos bilanos scewyulos!

          1. I was just crackin’ up about how funny Brians post was. He has the lingo down pretty darn good.

          2. Actually, Mark, I think I’m just simply losing whatever is left of what was once a fairly good mind.

            The more I hear of the mindless babblings of the “candidates” the more dumbstruck I become. Henry’s article today addresses the level of mass stupidity very well. I have always known that there is very little brainpower around and virtually no honesty or integrity of any kind but it is beginning to appear that these people (the so called candidates) will and can say virtually anything and find support out there.

            I can’t for the life of me grasp why this 9-9-9 thing isn’t met with incredulous outrage. It is blatantly tyrannical. This guy Cain is terrifying.

            I would love to be able to hear the thoughts inside Ron Paul’s head at one of these “debates” as he listens to what is being said. This man has a truly immense capacity for patient tolerance and self restraint.

  2. Cain’s a dead man walking if the details of his ” plan ” actually gets broadcast by the ” media “.

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