Obama on the Campaign Trail Selling Sailboat Fuel

The Greeks are setting fire to the banks as new austerity measures are put in place by their socialist government.  Meanwhile, Barack Hussein Obama AKA Barry Soetoro AKA Barry the Rat, the South Side of Chicago back alley con man/pimp has introduced another budget, that will never be passed, that is in reality the socialist campaign platform, through which he will spew his campaign rhetoric/lies working on the notion that those who voted for him in 2008, that have since found him out, can be re-retarded.

We say “No,” the Rat says, “Yes they can.”  Everyone does realize that if there is a solar flare that knocks out our modern technology, including Barry’s teleprompter, he will be eligible for Social Security as a mute.

Obama should be sitting in Guantanamo Bay under detention as a foreign terrorist for the blatant assaults he has committed against the Republic, the Constitution, and we the people.  But nooooooo, he is flying around the country on the taxpayer’s dollars, vying for another four years of treachery.  Behold the power of Bilderberg.

It is almost laughable to hear the Rat go on about 3 million jobs he created when the absolute fact of the matter is we have lost 5 million jobs since 2007 and continue to lose more every day.  How can he keep a straight face in saying that he is the champion of the poor and middle class when in 2010 he and his Super Congress refused to extend unemployment benefits to a Tier 5, gave the banks another $30 billion in stimulus money, and then in 2011 cut home heating aid to the poor and old?

Obama even went as far as to say that we need to stop corporations from taking our industry and jobs overseas through NAFTA, CAFTA, and GATT, the so called Free Trade Agreements.

Say Barry, wasn’t that you who just a few months ago signed more trade agreements with Columbia, Korea, and Panama?  Wasn’t that you who took a group of corporate elitist CEOs on an all taxpayer paid expense trip to India and Indonesia so that your corporate buddies could pick out the spots to move more of our industry out of this country?

Do you think we are so dimwitted that we can’t remember that you have spent more time in other countries advocating for other peoples than you have spent in the USA in the last three years?  Hell the only time you come back to the US is for one of your $7 million, all taxpayer expense paid vacations in Hawaii, by the way where you were not born, you lying piece of foreign tripe.

Voting Obama in again would be the equivalent of hitting your thumb a second time with a hammer in trying to figure out why it hurt so much.

Ron Paul for President in 2012.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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