Obama Weaving Race Cloak for his Socialist Army

Barack Hussein Obama AKA Barry Soetoro AKA Barry the Rat, the south side of Chicago mafia con man, has come forth to claim Trayvon Martin, the youth killed in Florida, as his son.  The Florida State Attorney General has appointed a prosecutor to investigate Trayvon Martin’s death and the federal Attorney General’s Office has also assigned personnel to make sure a lawful investigation is accomplished.  And yet the protests are growing.

So what is the new call?  Well it is for prosecution, a guilty verdict, and punishment…or else.  Anyone who cannot see what is going on here is beyond help.  Trayvon Martin’s death is being used to bury many issues in the mainstream media like the election fraud that is disenfranchising we the American people.  But just forget about that.  This election should be about racism, regardless of the fact that not one of our votes will count, no matter what the pigment of our skin.

What else is being covered up through this smoke screen?  Well there is Attorney General Holder’s participation in gunrunning and drug dealing.  Maybe we shouldn’t talk about that anymore.  I mean, he is black and we wouldn’t want to be labeled as racist, would we?

And of course there is that little known unreported fact that articles of impeachment have been filed against Barack Obama for violations of our Constitution and international law in invading foreign sovereign countries.

And of course we shall all now accept military arrests and indefinite definite detention for American citizens, the no-Trespass Law, and the soviet takeover of every resource in this country through the National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order signed by the dictator Barack Obama, because to question any of these laws would be to question Obama and this would clearly be racism.

There have been socialist African-American marches throughout the country, sold as marches for Justice for Trayvon Martin.  Notice when these marches go into the streets and stop traffic they do so with impunity.  When at the same time Occupy protesters, made up of patriotic citizens of the American race, are beaten from the sidewalks and arrested, just for exercising their right to assemble.

When the Occupy Movement first became a power, Obama tried to adopt them just like he has adopted Trayvon Martin.  You see the plan has been all along to divide we the people and get us to kill one another in a war of soviet socialism, Obama’s gang, vs. national socialism, Paul Ryan’s gang.  In the end the elite care not who wins because they will have achieved their goal and that is the destruction of our Republic and our Constitution.

Now Obama will attempt to build a socialist army, disguising it with the cloak of racism.

This being said, if you are truly stupid enough to buy into this con, put down your Ron Paul and 99% signs that represent our unity as individuals and replace them with a hoodie and a bag of Skittles.  But remember, we the American people of the American race are the overwhelming majority and we are identifying each and every one of you for exactly what you are, and that is social communist traitors.

Make no mistake, that though many more of us will have to die as a result of your stupidity, when the smoke clears whoever among you is left alive will not have to worry about racism in the United States anymore because your asses will be leaving, though we will make one final concession for you.  We will make sure that the patriotic American citizens of the American race that kick your treasonous asses onto the deportation barges have the same pigment of skin as you.

And once you are gone we will show the world how a people, free of special interest agitators, can become brothers and sisters and exist in absolute equality under a Constitution and Bill of Rights that, when enforced, allows for nothing less.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

9 thoughts on “Obama Weaving Race Cloak for his Socialist Army

  1. If just one mainstream media source would tell the truths presented in this article, it would make a world of difference, though I suppose even then, the brainwashing done to some is irreversible.

  2. Obama is hoping more of these distractions start to occur. It’s good for his election. And they will, thousands of police are being laid off as we speak. It’s bound to keep happening. You put a gun is some yahoo’s hands, with zero training and a yearning to be some kind of a comic book hero, this is what your going to get. Needless deaths.

    If your going to pack and carry, you had better know what the hell you are doing.

  3. Division will conquer us.Unity is our salvation as we are too many to be defeated unless we dismantle ourselves.We musn’t be fooled by the tyrant’s feeble attempts to exploit situations in order to achieve division.This is a great article.

  4. I’m tired of hearing this story already. Obama, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and every other racist are using this to their advantage is a disadvantage as far as I’m concerned. It just discloses who they rally are. The same goes for the media. Let’s get it right, he was latino not white and it more than likely was self defence. The shooter had a broken nose and laceration on his skull. The black kid was probably kicking his ass so he shot him.

    1. Oh, okay! I guess we can conveniently leave out the fact that the police dispatcher specifically told him NOT to follow this individual. Sorry, but this guy was not a police officer, he had no right to engage this kid, who was not armed and was not trespassing.

      1. Plus, one of the neighbors said that Zimmerman was on top of the kid who was screaming his head of for help. (You could hear him screaming in the tape) I can tell you, I’d be punching, kicking, screaming, and clawing for my life in that situation.

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