Obama’s Department of Labor Defies Math

As predicted the unemployment rate has been fraudulently dropped from 8.3% to 8.2%.  Only 120,000 jobs were created last month, less than half of what was expected, and just how many of those were in other countries cannot be ascertained, probably the lion’s share.  Even the mainstream propagandists are being forced to admit that the unemployment rate number being put forth is a lie.

Net, there were 31,000 fewer people working in March than in February.  164,000 more unemployed were dropped from the unemployment rolls because they had exhausted their benefits and of course it is automatically said that these people are no longer looking for work.

This adds insult to injury as those no longer being counted also represent the majority of those who are facing foreclosure.  The rate of foreclosures is set to rise by another 25% this year as home values plunge and more of the middle class default on their mortgages.

You see you can only maintain the lie for so long then the reality of the world we live in starts catching up with the fraudulent numbers.  It must be made clear that, net, we are still losing tens of thousands of American jobs every month as our industry is being further dismantled and moved out of our country through NAFTA, CAFTA, and GATT.

It is a double blow for we the people as not only are we manufacturing less of our own resources in this country, but those resources are being confiscated by the international corporations that have bases here.  You see it is business and record profits as usual for these traitors as they ship our natural resources to their factories in China, India, and South Korea for manufacture.

It looks like another summer of discovery that there is no recovery as the rich get richer and poverty gobbles up more of our middle class.  But not to worry, the neo-con socialists (Republicrats) are taking action.  They have thought up a brave new plan wherein we the people, who own this country and its resources, toil as slaves for them for food.  And if that does not suit you, the soviet socialists (Democans) are offering an alternative of their own wherein we toil as slaves for them for food.

All you who have been foolish enough to invest your life’s savings in the fraudulent stock market, which the internationalists have been pumping up using the most recently printed fiat debt dollars, well, welcome to the jungle, now you will get a chance to live with the results of your stupidity.

There is literally an army that has arisen of well educated and informed Americans.  It will be interesting to see how this army of patriots will react if our enemies declare Romney as their candidate for the GOP and dismiss Dr. Ron Paul and the will of the majority.

I guess we can look at the bright side as poor dispossessed and disenfranchised citizens, and that is that our numbers are growing every day, as more of our middle class is slapped into reality, as they lose everything they have worked for all their lives.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

One thought on “Obama’s Department of Labor Defies Math

  1. The propagandists are saying now that more big business is starting to come back to American shores because the work forces in other countries are starting to make demands. Better pay and lower hours etc.

    I’m in Nebraska now, by the time I deliver in Vegas, there will be another false feel good story. Those jobs that have left our shores will never return to America.

    If you watch these news channels, and believe this garbage as gospel, your living in a fantasy world.

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