Occupy Protesters, Adapt and Overcome

Police in riot gear converged on protesters in Oakland, California yesterday morning, driving them first from Frank H. Ogawa Plaza in front of City Hall, then Snow Park Camp.  The police used tear gas and bean bags in the assault.  This can only be considered a violation of the law.  Imagine you are parked in a handicapped spot and a pig rams your car and pushes it out of that spot.  Well this is the essence of what happened in Oakland.  These Nazis walked into the protesters’ camps and ripped them apart, damaging and destroying the protesters’ personal private property.

From the reports I have seen these rogue thugs were not taking action under any court order.  Assuming the protesters were on public property, tell me how any group within the public can remove another group within the public from any public domain without so much as a court proceeding?

If any of you protesters are reading this, listen up.  Use your heads.  The corporations own your police forces, lock, stock, and barrel.  But they are the few and you are the many with the backing of the many across this nation.

Surely there must be individuals among you with the knowhow to draft and file petitions.  Use your numbers.  Each and every one of you should take to the streets with a petition for the recall of the Chief of Police or Police Commissioner who ordered the attack upon you for the corporate elite they serve.  Get the bastard recalled, take his job, and show him how numbers can make wounds that money cannot heal.

This is a non-violent action and should be gotten under way as soon as possible.  We must force the issue and if it comes to it we must meet force with force.  These police out on the streets can be dealt with effectively.  After you have recalled their leader, elect one of your own and put that person in charge.  Then fire every goddamn one of them for following unconstitutional and unlawful orders.

And if anyone in the corrupt system tries to stop you, then draw up another petition and take that person out.  Put their asses out of work and see how they like it.  If they are going to send thugs to stop your attack on the head of the snake, chop the son of a bitch up starting with the tail.  Then we will see how bold the head is when you reach it again.

The majority of the people in this country back the patriots in the protests.  It is the mainstream news media that must also be targeted.  They will not even say Ron Paul’s name because they know his election spells their doom.  Go to the headquarters of the news media with signs saying “You will be prosecuted when Ron Paul is elected.”  Crowd the streets with these signs, ad nauseum.  And if the communists come out and try to stand in your way, every one of you, take a pad and pencil and start writing down their names.  Let them know that they are traitors and you are recording the account of their treason and they too will be punished for their crimes against the Republic.

If someone shouts this socialism horse shit; you must shout “Constitutional Republic” ten times louder.  Don’t allow yourselves to be punked, but retain the moral high ground.  Do not use violence if you can keep from it.  Use your brains and work together, staying individuals all the way.

In reality this is why they fear these protests so much.  There is no command structure to corrupt and buy off.   The only way you can deal with a large crowd of individuals is to deal with them individually.  And in truth it is our individuality, our individual freedoms and liberties that we are fighting for.  Think through your strategies and implement them with cold determination.  Do not get mad, get even.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

0 thoughts on “Occupy Protesters, Adapt and Overcome

  1. Something to think about.

    “An Occupy Wall Street demonstrator, a Tea Party activist
    and the CEO of a Wall Street trading firm sit down at a table
    that has a plate with a dozen cookies on it.
    The CEO immediately takes 11 of the cookies,
    then he turns to the Tea Partier and says,
    ‘Watch out for that Occupy Wall Street guy.
    He wants a piece of your cookie.”


    1. The Tea Partier and the Occupy Wall Street protester grabbed for the cookie at the same time, butting heads and knocking one another unconscious in the process. The CEO grabs the cookie and their wallets and walks away.

  2. Actually, the CEO immediately takes all 12 cookies. The Wall Street demonstrator and Tea Party activist are now sick and tired of eating the crumbs that fall from the CEO’s table.

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