Occupy Protests – The American Uprising

20 million citizens of the United States are now considered deeply impoverished.  1.6 million are homeless, 500,000 of which are little children.  28 million workers are unemployed.  Food and energy prices are rising.  There are 5 wars in the Middle East.  And it is cold outside.  Many citizens of the United States are living in miserable conditions not seen since the Great Depression and what is our all loving and caring government doing about this situation?

Well I think we can all feel a little warmer in knowing that our illustrious leader, the Peace President Barack Hussein Obama, and his wife and children will be leaving on a 17 day, all expense paid, luxury Christmas vacation in Hawaii.  If this is not proof positive that it is up to we the people to end this Obamanation that this insurgent government represents, I do not know what is.

Let’s look at that first number, 20 million deeply impoverished United States citizens, and hey, there is nothing we can do about it.  But what we can do is send another $10 billion to Israel’s population of 7 million who enjoy a higher average standard of living than do the middle class in this country.

We can pay billions more to guard the border between North and South Korea with the 30,000 troops we have deployed there.

We can pay for troops in Europe and in total 139 countries around the world, but those 20 million impoverished Americans are just going to have to tighten their belts a little more and shiver their way through the night.

We can send billions more to Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Libya, Iraq, and Egypt to help their people while little American children go to bed hungry.

We can continue to pump trillions of dollars in bailouts to central banks in other countries while our own children cannot afford to go to school.

We can do all of these things and more to continue the outrage or we can put Dr. Ron Paul into our Oval Office and put a stop to it.  The rape of our country and its people is diabolical in its essence and the people perpetuating the rape should be considered nothing short of soulless.

The mainstream propagandists have begun backpedaling in their false reporting coming up on the GOP Primaries, as they are now admitting that Dr. Paul may win Iowa and New Hampshire.  But then of course, all of the sudden like, Iowa and New Hampshire aren’t really all that important any more.

Bullshit, propagandists.  We know what you are doing and that is attempting to buy time, because the fact is you and your elitist masters are running out of time.  I think we are ready at this point for anything you throw at us, from election fraud to an attempt at a third world war.

Be advised.  You will not stop the Ron Paul Revolution.  We are going to have our Republic back under our Constitution and we are going to rise back to our rightful position as prosperous sovereigns of our country.  The strength of our resolve you will see displayed with the Occupy protesters, especially those in Denver, Colorado, sleeping in the snow under tarps, just as our founding fathers slept in the snow at Valley Forge.

We are the American people of the American race and your resistance to our will is futile.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. We are getting screwed at the pump. Big oil is playing their damn games again. We are exporting more than we are using.

  2. Hey guys just recently finished a project at the ExxonMobil refinery in SoCal. This plant is a mess! From leaks and spills to contaminated piping/equipment even abusive management. Most of the abuse comes from high strung regular employee’s that harass contract workers. Also half the workers at the plant are contractors that are underpaid. But the regular workers are clocking big dollars. They all work 12-18 hr shifts minimum. Many around the plant are making six figuers easy. Most of the guys working in the Coker are pushing 200k for the year. When you are there you will find many employee’s are rude and selfish. Many also seem to be disconnected from what is really going in the world. I discovered lots of workers have no high school diplomas or college degree’s. It is a shame how they can hire people with no job skills and over pay them. For God sakes some of these cats have been working there 20-30 years and can’t even set a local printer to print or sent an email with an attachment. These people should know how to operate a computer to do their job. WTF is going on in the workforce and companies? I see this way too much at companies.


    1. P.B.
      Most of these jobs are handed out via the “Good ol’ boy” secret society system, hence who you know is more important than what you know and the hell with American quality in manufacturing. This little scenario has gone far in bringing our country to its knees. It will be interesting to see how this tripe fares when the playing field is leveled and they are forced to compete on an even keel.

      1. Well said, Henry…and “tripe” they certainly are. They seek to derive as much as possible while contributing absolutely nothing to the human condition. Pond leeches.

  3. Occupy this,occupy that.Occupy a square mile of London known as the City of London which houses the Rothschild bank of England,and is autonomous.This is the birth of the fed,the revolutionary war,the war of 1812,the Napoleonic wars,on and on.The Rothschild’s create war and profit politically and economically from all sides.This is why they supported Nazi Germany through their support of I.G.Farben who converted German coal into high test fuel for the luftwaffe and the blitzkrieg and also invented as well as produced zyklon B gas which exterminated people by the millions,ostensibly European Jews who were scared into moving to the Israeli desert for their own safety after the war in a deal the Rothschilds struck with England.This is also why their Rothschild controlled pals,the Rockefellers shipped oil from their wells in Argentina to the Axis powers.And why Prescott Bush’s bank held stolen Nazi gold during the war.It takes enormous amounts of borrowed money to fight a war.This is why the Rothschilds love to engage us in endless war while they print endless money for free through the Rothschild controlled fed and charge the taxpayers face value plus interest.I’m sorry if I’m rambling but occupy that.

    1. Carl,
      Taken and appreciated as intended. A comment like that is a gesture of courage and honesty in a cowardly and corrupt intellectual era and it’s obvious from your comments that your parents didn’t raise you on soap operas and potato chips!

      Thank you for appreciating my desperate humor. It’s my only defense against spiritually fatal disgust. I think there is, at least SOME comfort in acknowledging that what we are witnessing is precipitated by a miniscule percentage of the human gene pool and it is this demographic that has always ruthlessly sought to dominate the rest….with quite considerable and consistent success I might regrettably add. A fact of life that just must be accepted I suppose. Hang in there….and thanks again.

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