Occupy Wall Street Protests, Enemies from Without and Within

Alex Jones of Infowars.com is reporting that the Occupy Wall Street protests have been co-opted by the democratic social communists.  Jones has gone on to say that our people no longer control the protests and the message.

I tell everyone reading this article; Alex Jones must be considered one of the most dangerous propagandists in the field.  While he is saying out of one side of his mouth that our people on the streets are losing the battle to the communists, out of the other side of his mouth he is coming to the defense of the Koch brothers.  Every free thinking patriot knows that the Koch brothers financed the neo-con’s attempt to take over the grassroots Tea Party.

It is becoming apparent that Alex Jones is being directed by his elitist brethren to divert the outrage away from the neo-con elite at any cost.  And all indications are that this is what he intends to do, as he talks out of both sides of his mouth.

I have no doubt that the social communists are making every effort to take over our patriotic movement, but to suggest defending the Koch brothers against the communists is ludicrous.

I will give you the answer to this problem that Alex Jones is portraying as insurmountable.  If the communists want to march on the homes of the neo-cons, encourage them to do so, while our people stay on Wall Street and define themselves as absolutely apart from the communist movement.  Frankly, if the neo-cons and communists want to kill one another, it would be the best thing that could happen for us.

The communists and neo-cons only make up small a portion of our society.  Ask yourself; if the communists wanted a communist revolution why didn’t they just come to New York and start one?  I’ll tell you why, because they are too few and their communist movement would have been crushed and run out of town the first day.  You have to understand how the butt leach communists work.  They look for organized discontent among the many and try to latch onto it and control them.  And the neo-cons are no different.

What the communists are trying to do to the Occupy Wall Street movement is exactly what the Koch brothers and the neo-cons tried to do to the grassroots Tea Party.  The neo-cons have failed, as will the communists, because we the people understand exactly what they are doing.

As for our people on the streets, call for a patriotic pull back.  Let the communists stand on their own.  Then all will see the inadequacy of their numbers.  Then we let the sentiment build against communism, even helping it along.  And then we can come out in mass, with ball bats if necessary, and drive the communists out of our streets and back into the dark places from whence they came.

Remember, they are the few and we are the many and their greatest fear is of the fact that we are acting as individuals.  No leaders that they can buy off to betray us.  Also know that this same scenario holds true in the grass roots Tea Party movement, as in reality we are the same people, the patriotic American people of the American race.  And we are going to have our way as we as united individuals crush their collective.

We will elect Ron Paul in 2012.  We will reinstate our Republic under our Constitution because those who oppose us are the minute few and we are the many.

Mark my words, Alex Jones, you best go tell your neo-con brethren and sisteren that neither they nor their communist allies are going to control any individual one of us.  Because in order to do so they would have to control our minds and the fact is our minds have been set free and we cannot be stopped.

Sorry Alex, but in choosing to ally yourself with the neo-cons you are effectively out of the loop and will make no further claims to leadership of our movement in any quarter.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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