Occupy Wall Street Protests, the Elite, and Setting the Record Straight

There has been a concerted effort in the mainstream propaganda to divert attention away from the CEOs on Wall Street and move it to the traitors in Washington DC.  As mentioned in previous articles, both share blame as our government has indeed sold us out and the corporate elite have employed them to do so.

The last few days Bernie Madoff’s wife, Ruth, and son, Andrew, have been front and center in the mainstream, putting forth heart wrenching stories in reference to Bernie’s and Ruth’s alleged attempt at suicide.  Andrew tells a tale wherein he received an envelope full of diamond jewelry and a text from his father that led him to believe his parents were going to commit suicide.  And Ruth tells a story of her and Bernie taking some pills and going to sleep for a while.

We are supposed to feel sorry for these bastards?  How many people did kill themselves when they found out this sleazebag had stolen everything they had worked their whole lives for?  How many marriages destroyed?  How many put out in the streets to suffer while the Madoffs continue to enjoy a fine lifestyle, no doubt with monies Old Bernie had stashed for them?

I have no compassion for the retched old bitch Ruth Madoff or her son, who no doubt has enjoyed the best of everything in his life.  And as for the other son, Mark, who did kill himself, good riddance to bad rubbish.  As for Larry King, who put forth a statement that said that all of his money that had been stolen by the Madoffs had been returned, I say of course it was.  Larry King is one of the elite and the elite never suffer.

Now to this arrogant bastard, Peter Schiff, who came out to confront the Occupy Wall Street protesters, I cannot believe he survived the encounter.  We have our own elitists here where I live who have been a part of our personal tragedies, but you can bet your sweet ass you do not see them out in public.  As for Mr. Schiff, who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth no doubt constructed from our stolen resources, I will answer his question as to how much he should pay.

Mr. Schiff, what you are going to pay is not going to be in the form of taxes, what the filthy elite rich like you are going to return is what you have stolen from the rest of us, with interest.

Schiff started out working for Lehman Brothers and now has become CEO and Chief Global Strategist for Euro Pacific Capital, Inc.  Schiff is one of these filthy rich dirt bags hiding in the shadows, trying to look like he gained his mountain of wealth through honest work.

Well this is how it is going to happen, Mr. Schiff.  When we the people reestablish our authority in this country, you are going to be investigated.  And if you did indeed make your money honestly in working with all these dirty international corporate elite, you will be free to go on your way.  However if it is found that after your corporate elite daddy put you in business, you used fraud and manipulation to gain your riches through theft of our natural resources or any other swindle, you are going to be stripped of your wealth and put to hard labor in a prison in Arizona.  And after you have served your time, you are going to be put on a deportation barge to Somalia.

I heard you tell the lady at the protest that you might just shut down your business and leave.  Well, good bye, enjoy yourself for as long as you can wherever you go, because no matter where you are, here or at the North Pole, after the investigation we are going to track you down and you are going to be brought to justice.

I truly despise these dirty bastards like Peter Schiff.  They say, “Don’t you want to be rich?  Why don’t you go out and make yourself rich?”  This son of a bitch started out as one of the corporate elite and is just carrying the golden torch his daddy handed him.

These people made their fortunes through a system their granddaddies rigged for them, a system wherein the rest of us do not even have a chance.  And now that they have accumulated 90% of the wealth, they want to rig the system even further to insure that their bloodlines retain the wealth and that the rest of us and our progeny are left to serve them as slaves.

It is bad enough the pain and heartache these pompous bastards have put us through, and then to allow them to think they could step into a crowd of us and get in our faces is beyond tolerance.  Maybe this is why this shit has gone on so long.  Maybe the people in this country had better start acting like something more than neutered peasants.

It is time to stand up and reinstitute our Republic under our Constitution and I’m afraid it is going to take a little more than harsh words to accomplish this feat.  I swear when I think about the Iraqi veteran who had his skull fractured in Oakland and then think about this pompous son of a bitch, Schiff, daring to come out on the street with that smug look on his face, it makes my blood boil.

You people out there on the streets had better realize these elitists are not playing games.  Be peaceful but don’t let them walk on you.

It was reported that rocks and paint were thrown at the police in Oakland before they started firing tear gas and rubber bullets.  If this is true then the provocateurs have entered the game.  The police, acting on behalf of the power elite employ these people and sometimes these provocateurs are the police themselves dressed in plainclothes.  If you are a part of a peaceful protest and you see one of these bastards trying to give the police an excuse to hurt the innocent, jump on them, beat the dog shit out of them, and hand their battered asses over to the cop they threw the paint or rock at.

It is being reported that the police are taking generators away from the protesters’ encampment in New York in an attempt to freeze them out.  If these machines were purchased they would have to meet safety standards, which is to say if a citizen in a suburbs can lawfully use them as a backup source of energy when the electricity goes out, then it should be legal to use them anywhere.  This matter should be challenged on this basis.

The corporate elite are scared and they should be.  When they try to dissuade you by portraying themselves as innocent victims of circumstance, think about the poor little American children hungry and cold, living in tents all across the continent their forefathers conquered.  The cause is righteous and the majority of the people stand in support.

As for those who say the protesters’ right to protest is infringing on their right not to be disturbed by them, I say tough shit, it is your complacency to the treason that has brought the situation to this point.  And you are still complacent or you would join with the protest and put an end to the corporate aristocracy that is repugnant to our Constitution.

Corporations are not people and before we can go on to prosper in peace, the stolen $30 trillion must be returned and the playing field leveled.  After and only after, can we start feeling good again and watching one another succeed.  Realize the resentment comes through the reality of advantage and disadvantage.  Nobody likes the person who wins the game by cheating.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. good henry. You really hold back . I just want to ____the bastards. Where are the old hippies when we really need them Thanks Mr shiver

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