Occupy Wall Street, the Tea Party, and the Failure of the Propaganda Machine to Divide

CNN, the Communist News Network, is directing its propaganda towards changing the issue of the theft of our $30 trillion and the continuing theft of our natural resources to a civil rights agenda.  No sale.  And of course the neo-con FOX propagandists are calling the Occupy Wall Street movement an attempt at a Marxist revolution.  Again, no sale.

The propaganda machine has failed once again due to its desperation.  You see, true propaganda consists of lies, half truths, and the truth.  In this instance in failing to include any of the truth in reference to the fact that there are patriots carrying Ron Paul signs as a part of the protests, they have made their lies completely incredible.

Are there communists as a part of the Occupy Wall Street protests?   Hell yes, there are, but what proportion they represent is anything but clear.  If you have 100 people standing on a stage in a darkened theater, you can see none of them.  If a narrow spotlight is then turned on and focused on a single individual, that is all you see.  And again, if a larger light is shined on a group of four to the left, right, or middle, that is all you see.  This has been the essence of the so called reports coming out of the mainstream.  The focusing of the light, hence attention is absolutely deliberate.

We know that our people are protesting too.  We have put up videos on this site depicting them shouting out the list that is our cause and shouting out “Ron Paul for President.”  You will notice that in the mainstream you see no Ron Paul signs and in fact the propagandists have put the spotlight on a small mixture of signs designed to show the image they want to project as the reality for all.  For this reason all the propaganda must be dismissed.

I believe the elite are desperate to stop the protests at any cost, not because they oppose communism, but because there are more patriots among the marchers than communists.

Well I have a message for both the communists represented by CNN and the neo-cons represented by FOX.  We hate you both with equal enthusiasm.  You cannot change the deep rooted cause for our revolution.  Both communist and neo-con; you have stolen our wealth for a hundred years and left us in a state of abject misery.  We know who you are, what you have done, and how you have done it, and in fact how you are still doing it.  We too can act in our own interests without mercy.

Charlie Gasparino and your fellow neo-cons, et.al., be advised, we will gleefully stand by and watch the communists kill you, then we will step in and kill the communists.  And the same is true for you, Michael Moore, and your Marxist brothers and sisters.  If the neo-cons come to kill you, we will cheer them on and after they are done we will kill all the neo-cons.

So tell me, both sides, how does it feel to be in the shit position you tried to put we patriotic Americans in?  We know that at the top you are the same people and I’m here to let you know resistance is futile.  You are the minute few and we are the many.

You can try to put Ron Paul into a place of obscurity through your propaganda but know your efforts are having no effect.  We see Dr. Paul every day, in fact any time we choose, as we seek him out just as we have sought out the reality of our own existence as the sons and daughters of our founding fathers.

We are going to have our way on this one and nothing you can do can stop us.  We will have our Republic back under our Constitution with freedom, liberty, justice, and prosperity for every American of the American race.  And oh yes, each and every neo-con and communist is going to be brutally ejected from our country and if any of you survive I promise you, you are not going to want to try this crap again on us for a good long while.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. And here is the epitome of the “Propaganda Whore” Geraldo Rivera, putting his Fox News face where it’s not wanted, and gets punished for it.

    And below was the first time he tried. About nine days ago.

    Fox News is not welcomed by the OccupyWallStreet movement, as Fox News have proven to be shills for the corrupt elite, and have lost all credibility.

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