3 thoughts on “Oded Ellner – “Our purpose was to document the event”

  1. So they were just sent home. Slap on the wrist.

    Oh how those last 10 words slay: “…after the FBI cleared them of any involvement in 9/11.”

    Just one of the many arrows shot at truth during that fateful time.


      1. Thanks, pacman.

        I always think I’m gonna let it go, file it under “They’ll never admit the truth.”

        It matters not how much evidence the people deliver. We are sidelined by “the officials.” The official liars, the royal deceivers.

        So I try to let it go, but every time the anniversary comes around my blood boils again and I have to fight more aggressively to expose what they’ve done. There are many who still believe talmudvision; they believe it over their own eyes and their own intelligence. But I bet we outnumber them.


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