Oded Rivivni AIPAC Rules America


First published at 10:20 UTC on May 20th, 2018.

Promised to Upload this on AIPAC 2018 but forgot.
No matter who Americans Vote for. AIPAC got Control Over America.
They says it. Not Anti-Semitic! I cant help it, Only we got is the Swedish Word Smörgåsbord but Im not insulted by that.

Jews are more sensitive and sneaky
Not an Ally to pick if you can. But Americans can not do that. Like an evil foreign Dictator!!
That’s why they want to take away your guns.

Free Palestine Free The World!

3 thoughts on “Oded Rivivni AIPAC Rules America

  1. Maryanne Faithful 1979…song…,( what are you fighting for? ) Say it in Broooh” Ken English. My heritage…my blood….such an embarrassment now….Sweden.

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