The transgender thought police

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Children as young as four are being asked by their ‘trans-friendly’ primary school to inform on anyone calling transgender pupils by the ‘wrong’ pronoun.

The policy at Arbury Primary in Cambridge states that it is ‘illegal’ to call someone ‘he/she’ or ‘it’ against their wishes.

The school also urges parents of children who no longer identify as their biological gender to consider changing their name by deed poll.  

Arbury holds assemblies to celebrate a child’s ‘transition’ from a boy to a girl or vice versa, has introduced a gender-neutral uniform, and allows children to use lavatories of whichever sex they ‘assign’ themselves to.

The warning on ‘misgendering’ comes on the school website. A brightly coloured page entitled How To Be Trans Friendly features cartoons of smiling children surrounded by rainbows.

It states: ‘Calling someone he/she, it or deliberately the wrong pronoun is unkind, and illegal. If you hear or see this type of language being used challenge or report it.’

Elsewhere, the guidance says: ‘Trans children will understand the difference between a genuine mistake and something deliberate in relation to names and pronouns.’

The statement that misgendering is illegal may be based on the school’s interpretation of the 2010 Equalities Act, which suggests that a hate crime takes place when a member of a minority perceives one to have happened.

10 thoughts on “The transgender thought police

  1. Waking us to this article, this vid was so difficult for me. I see the assault on our children. The vid plays the sweetest music in the background, manipulating the listener into benevolent acceptance.

    So, not only are they messin’ with biology, they’re making the kids into snitches who must abandon their instincts. This is child abuse on a grand scale. Gender-neutral uniforms, gender-neutral bathrooms, we are all being invited into the world of PRETEND!!

    And the frikkin’ school “holds assemblies to celebrate a child’s transition’ from a boy to a girl or vice versa…” A party of perversion!! The kid said that she plans to take the medicine, get the surgery, become a boy!! I’m sure she’s fully equipped to make this decision. Ha!!

    And now we have very high incidents of transgender depression and transgender suicide. Nature will only put up with so much. I am saddened and outraged that this is being done to our children, while soft music plays insidiously in the background.

    🙁 🙁 🙁


  2. “Single mom Vanessa,” is an idiot and destroying another persons life in allowing her daughter to “choose her own path.”

  3. Our God, before we were created in our mother’s womb, designed us to be either male or female! PERIOD!!!
    Jer. 1:5

  4. I sure do wish there would be a vote-poll as to exactly how many Americans are in favor of all this crap. Probably like 3-5 percent at most.

  5. Well you know, coming from a country with mommy issues ( any country that accepts a fraudulent witch that, with impunity murders children, has mommy issues) it can hardly be shocking that the race to the bottom of the barrel has taken such a…….colorful……turn down the rainbow road.

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