Oklahoma police release video of cop fatally shooting armed, fleeing man

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Oklahoma police released a video Friday from the body camera of a cop who fatally shot a suspect earlier this month.

Muskogee Officer Chansey McMillin, responding to a domestic abuse complaint, approached 21-year-old Terrance Walker outside the Old Agency Baptist Church on Jan. 17, according to local media.  

“Just relax for me,” McMillin said. “Why you shaking for? Relax.”

The video shows Walker run away and McMillin give chase. The suspect then stops to bend over and pick up something he has dropped in the street.

From the video, it is not clear what he is attempting to retrieve, but police say it was a loaded semiautomatic pistol.

McMillin fires five shots at Walker, who had set off running again, which strike and kill the young man. The unedited footage shows Walker fall over into a ditch.

The church’s pastor ran toward the scene and begged the cop to put his gun down.

“Don’t shoot no more,” he shouted.

“Get back!” McMillin screamed multiple times, while approaching the body.

Other officers arrived on the scene. One found the handgun on Walker’s person before checking his vital signs.

Minutes later, McMillin collapsed onto another cop car. His colleagues tried to comfort him.

“You’re all right, baby. You’re all right, OK? Let’s go to my car, come on,” one said.

“F—. Why’d he have to do that?” McMillin said, referring to Walker’s attempt to flee.

Walker’s mother, Cassandra, spoke to KXANafter authorities released the body camera footage of her son’s death on Friday. She said she has refused to watch it.

“I have no desire to look at it. I want to remember him like I know him to be,” she told the station. “I wouldn’t want any mother, daughter, wife, grandmother, I would never want somebody to physically see that.”

Walker, who was originally from Austin, Texas, had moved to Muskogee to attend Bacone College on a football scholarship, she said.

Muskogee police Cpl. Mike Mahan said Walker had been threatening to kill his ex-girlfriend, saying he “had a bullet with her name on it,” KJRH reported.

“From everything we can see in the video, the officer responded appropriately,” he told KFOR. “This officer had a split second to make that decision. We believe he acted according to his training.”

Some local residents told the NBC affiliate that the entire incident is a tragedy, but that they are happy it did not result in the sort of violence seen in other places, such as Ferguson, Mo.

“The other cities that this has happened in, they get pretty riled up about it. But thank God this is … you know, it’s kept – the community is quiet,” Joseph Ingram said.

“I really don’t think that that police officer felt like he had any other choice,” said Danita Week, “but I feel really bad for the young man who was shot, too.”

Authorities said the incident is under investigation and McMillin has been placed on leave.


3 thoughts on “Oklahoma police release video of cop fatally shooting armed, fleeing man

  1. If the Negro wasn’t wearing his pants around his knees, he would not have dropped the gun and would have gotten away without being shot.

    What are the chances he and other young American Negroes will figure that out?

  2. As long as he was running at top speed, facing forward the entire time, he was NOT A LETHAL THREAT!


  3. Why is there a cop with a AR15 walking around after?
    What was he thinking about? Maybe he would get to use it to?
    War zone USA Cop Vs the people!

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