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One winter project completed……Target Stand

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20 Responses to One winter project completed……Target Stand

  1. Frank Face says:

    Nice, I really like those steel targets that hang via chains a circle partially over the top a square imitating the human silhouette.

    • Frank Face says:

      I need to proof read more. ;P
      There are some interesting gong setups in this magpul trailer. I’ve used wooden stakes, rope and plastic jugs filled with rocks as a free alternative.

      Used golf balls are a very reactive target at close range, nothing is better then instant feedback. If you have a dusty backstop and a spotter, your in business.

  2. Wade. says:

    Nice job Mary, looks bullet proof.

  3. # 1 NWO Hatr says:


    We’re limited to paper targets on cardboard boxes or tree stumps.

    Whatever works, right?

  4. ozgunowner says:

    Mary, I think it is brilliant.
    For someone with no welding skills, being able to cobble something like this together out of surplus pipes is a great idea.
    Well done !

  5. Jolly Roger says:

    Nice job, Mary.

  6. TxRdKill says:

    Damn good job, wish I’d of thought of it…


  7. BMF says:

    Looks great! Are those targets AR500 steel?

    One minor suggestion might be to hang the targets lower so that any “thrown” shots are less likely to hit the top of the stand.

    Also, you probably already know this, but it’s best not to shoot steel unless it’s at least 25 yards away with a handgun, and even further with a rifle. You don’t want crap coming back at you.

    I mostly use plastic hanging targets myself. You can see them jump when they get hit, but unfortunately you can’t hear them ring when a bullet hits the way you hear steel.

    Anyway, if this is going to be on your own property, then I’m officially jealous. 🙂

    • mary in ND says:

      The target is for OUTSIDE It is designed to be portable….I am in North Dakota… The target will not be put to use until late Spring when all this EFFIN snow is hopefully melted It will be on private property placed in front of a Dirt Berm ….the targets have been placed at an angle with ricochet concerns in mind …..yes AR500 steel…….LMAO @ shooting in front of a tarp

  8. galen says:

    Well, that was an honest question. Me sure has a lot to learn about 2Aism. Me came late to party. I just thought if the target was missed, the bullet would go through the tarp. It made sense to me. What the heck could I have missed? Okay, my husband just walked in and said that there’s probably a bale of hay or cotton or something behind the tarp to stop the bullet. Duh.

    Recovering liberals take some time in understanding such matters.


    • Frank Face says:

      A bullet would pass right through hay, cotton is used to capture bullets for forensics, bullets move around 900 to 4,500 feet per second and the heavier faster ones penetrate concrete blocks and most metals like its nothing. Only super hard metals, thick earthen berms, dense log piles and the like are sufficient to stop them guaranteed. The faster a projectile is moving the more penetration, phone books can stop the slower moving pistol bullets.

    • mary in ND says:

      “Recovering liberals take some time in understanding such matters.” LOL

      • galen says:

        I’m glad I provided a good laugh. Thanks Mary, Frank, et al. Well, at least I’ve begun “Target Practice 101.”


        • Frank Face says:

          I highly suggest getting connected with a competent firearms owner and having them teach you the basics, it isn’t rocket science but mistakes are final and could include the death of a innocent.
          “there are two things in this world you can’t take back, the words out of your mouth and the bullets out of your gun”.

          • galen says:

            Thank you. Two years ago I had the lesson in woods with a certified trainer. Will likely take refresher course soon. Who ever thought I’d be in such a position?

  9. flee says:

    Total awesomeness.
    Never….ever… underestimate.
    The power of a woman.
    Especially. ..
    One that’s a good shot.

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