Operation C.A.R.E. checkpoints used to question thousands of motorists


For those of you that think law enforcement really cares about you I give you…Operation C.A.R.E.

What is Operation C.A.R.E.?

Operation C.A.R.E. or “Combined Accident Reduction Effort” began in 1977 as a Michigan and Indiana State Police safety initiative.  

What began as a local “safety initiative” has morphed into something much worse. Motorists across the country are being subjected to “roadside safety checks” and much more.

C.A.R.E. has expanded to all 50 states and American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, U. S. Virgin Islands, and the Provinces of Ontario and Quebec.

There are at least twenty-seven different types of checkpoints or “roadside safety checks” in America alone.

If you add C.A.R.E. and Border Patrol checkpoints the number rises to an incredible twenty-nine.

That’s right, not only are 50,0000 motorists being stopped daily or 20 million each year but now we have two more checkpoints to worry about.

As you will see, police in North America have turned C.A.R.E.into something to be feared.

Over Labor Day weekend, the Illinois State Police announced that local law enforcement used C.A.R.E. to stop and question more than 5,000 motorists and passengers.

Law enforcement uses C.A.R.E. as a pretext to stop and ticket motorists for any number of “safety” violations. Below are some of the things the Illinois police ticketed motorists for.

Total Enforcement Stops: 4,999
Speeding Violations: 3,001
Motor Carrier Safety Inspections: 544
Seatbelt Violations: 537
Driving Under the Influence Arrests: 101

Police use C.A.R.E. to help balance city budgets.

 Mainstream media and police promote C.A.R.E. 

Law enforcement’s misuse of the word “care” has been going on for 41 years.

The Oxford Dictionary defines “care” as “the provision of what is necessary for the health, welfare, maintenance,and protection of someone or something.”

If the police really “cared” about the public they should issue motorists warnings instead of tickets.

Police in Florida, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and Indiana, use C.A.R.E., “Operation Southern Shield”and “Operation Blue Anvil” to ticket thousands of motorists. (Click here to learn how the Virginia State Police ticketed 7,500 motorists.)

What does C.A.R.E. mean to the public?

The Oxford Dictionary offers another meaning of “care” which perfectly describes what motorists feel when they are detained by law enforcement, “a feeling of or occasion for anxiety.”

So the next time you are stopped by a police officer don’t forget to thank them for CARING. (Pun intended.)


6 thoughts on “Operation C.A.R.E. checkpoints used to question thousands of motorists

  1. By revolving these Unconstitutional roadblocks around”SAAAAFFFFEEEETTTYYYYYYYY!!” The sheep swallow it down and will argue with you as to just how great, loving and caring the pigs are. I need to throw up.

  2. Well I got a clever acronym for ya….

    Its… not C.A.R.E.

    Itz……. F.U.C.K.

    “Operation F.U.C.K. checkpoints Used To Question Thousands of Motorists”.


    It just doesn’t get any better than this….

    And now…

    A word from our sponsors.

  3. A great opportunity not only to pick up a bunch of money for themselves and the government but also a wonderful opportunity for obedience training for those who are stopped. The drivers should be be courteous at all times, responding by saying “Yes, Sir”, thanking the officers for noting any discrepancy, and smiling while the officers relieve them of their cash and properties.

  4. C.A.R.E., eh?

    The buzz on the underground is that it stands for “Control And Roundup Everyone.”

    Just one more arm of the Stop ‘Em, Lock ‘Em, And Loot ‘Em brigade.


  5. ‘So the next time you are stopped by a police officer don’t forget to thank them for CARING. (Pun intended.)’

    Really? How about a kind lecture on our Bill of Rights and how by their actions they are especially violating the 4th article….who knows? ya just may find one or two that can process the info.

  6. “Operation C.A.R.E.” is a nice way to describe harassing the citizenry without probable cause.

    Your Bill of Rights has been trampled because we care about you. Isn’t that nice?

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