Operation Gunrunner – More of the Mexican Insurgency Coming to Light

As the investigation into the ATF’s selling guns to the Mexican drug cartels expands, in the wider picture the international insurgency into the United States being conducted by Mexican nationals and traitors within our own government is expanding accordingly.  It is now being revealed that FBI agents were using US tax dollars to purchase guns for the drug cartels without the US Congress having any knowledge of these actions.

What is being called a “botched operation” is in reality a blatant act of treason for monetary gain.  And as, right or wrong, these actions happened and are happening during a time of war, those committing treason should be facing the death penalty.  But this will never happen, because at the top of this treasonous insurgency is the same international banks that have and continue to commit international fraud unfettered in literally every country around the world.

It is now revealed that Well Fargo and other banks are directly involved with the drug cartels and that those pretending to be our government are in fact participating in the laundering of the drug monies to the tune of $500 million a year.  Many are contending that were the facts put on the table it would be found in the end that the United States government has been in reality selling arms to the drug cartels and being paid with drugs, which are sold to our people.  And of course when we buy them, we are jailed and forced to work at 25 cents an hour, which serves to further drive down U.S. wages and our standard of living.

On a second front the illegals coming into this country have taken about 30 million of our badly needed jobs and are buying up our real estate through loans procured using social security numbers stolen from our children.

Meanwhile Mexican insurgents have advanced from infiltrating our body politic to occupying positions within our government.  Their assignment in the insurgency is to force the legalization of their invading army.

And of course as the states are going broke, unfettered access to our welfare and educational system is being provided to those sent here to destroy us.

This insurgency is massive and directly in our faces and still too many of us are just sitting by and waiting for someone else to do something about it.  The fact is our government is engaged in financing an invasion of our country and capture of our resources, using money derived from gun running and drug dealing.

This is nothing new.  I am constantly hearing the neo-cons praising the great President Reagan who also was a gun runner and drug dealer and used illegal funds, procured through crime to finance his own black-ops in defiance of our Congress.  And what was his punishment?  Give it another ten years and there will be new face on Mount Rushmore.  Things are not going to change in this country until we the people force the change.

I will vote for Texan Congressman Ron Paul for President of these United States in whatever capacity he runs.  It has reached the point that I have no doubt that he is the only one who has the slightest intension of addressing the corruption our government has become.

Our generals should be taking President Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, and every other treasonous official from the top to the bottom involved in this insurgency into custody, as this situation represents nothing short of open warfare on our Republic.  If we are to save our country we must act decisively and we must act now.

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