Paratrooper killed in howitzer accident during Bragg training

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FORT BRAGG, N.C. — One paratrooper was killed and seven others were injured Friday morning in a training accident at Fort Bragg, officials said.

“While conducting artillery live-fire training, the 18th Fires Brigade experienced an incident with a M777 light, towed howitzer,” officials said in a statement late Friday.  

No other details about the incident, including where it occurred on post, were released. It is under investigation by the 82nd Airborne Division, the Army Criminal Investigative Division and the Army Combat Readiness/Safety Center..

Two paratroopers were seriously injured, while the other five were treated at Womack Army Medical Center and released, officials said. One of the seriously injured soldiers was moved to Duke University Medical Center in Durham, while the second remains at Womack.

Fort Bragg officials said families have been notified, and the names of the victims will be released Saturday.

“We are diligently working to provide soldiers and their families the support and care during this difficult time. We have suffered a great loss in the 18th Fires Brigade and express our deepest condolences. Those that have been affected by this tragic incident remain in our thoughts and prayers,” brigade commander Col. Stephen Smith said in a statement.

3 thoughts on “Paratrooper killed in howitzer accident during Bragg training

  1. Seems that more and more of our own military are being killed by our own military, and they call it accidents – yea accident once maybe, twice would most likely intentional.

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