Patriotic Americans of the American Race – Be Counted

The mainstream propagandists are almost giddy in speculating that the Nor’easter will drive the protesters from the street for the winter, and with a smile and a wink and a nod, they talk about the confiscation of the generators.  It is blatantly obvious that these corporate elitists have nothing but contempt for the 99 percent of Americans who they have robbed blind and left destitute.  The main thing about this whole situation that is really disturbing me is the air of confidence these cowardly pukes are now showing.

There can be no doubt that Mayor Bloomberg was addressed by the Wall Street CEOs, who ordered him to take action against the protesters.  I saw pictures of the generators that were confiscated.  This is top of the line equipment and I would be real surprised if a lot of these government buildings do not have the same or similar equipment as a part of their backup systems.

As previously reported the generators and heaters represent private property seized, not through any court action, but rather by executive dictate.  The people of New York should start filing recall petitions on Mayor Blumberg, citing his complete lack of respect for our Constitution and the citizens of New York as cause.

As you look at the people of Wall Street, do not forget there are millions of long term unemployed across this nation who are homeless, many with children, who are living in conditions just as bad or worse.

Obama has come out with a handful of executive orders he intends to issue, designed to do nothing other than stir up controversy.  In these piecemeal scraps he is throwing at the people, there is nothing of substance that will fill a belly or warm a body.  The fact is Obama had the Super Congress and if the Demorats would have wanted to they could have passed anything.  Failing that, Obama could have issued an executive order last winter to provide an unemployment extension to get us through the winter.  And in fact he could have such an executive order as one of those he is getting ready to issue.

Both the Demorats and Republiscums have no intention of lending any kind of aid to the long term unemployed who have had their lives destroyed as surely as any victim of the floods and tornados and hurricanes.  They think they have effectively removed the 99ers from the equation, but nothing could be further from the truth.

The 99ers will decide the 2012 election and we will punish Obama and every other incumbent who has sat on their asses while we have suffered gross deprivations at the hands of the international corporate mafia they serve.

Ron Paul is the only chance the unemployed have.  Only through getting back the right to take control of our own destinies can we ever know prosperity again.  Only through regaining control of our natural resources can we once again have the means to literally start from nothing and rebuild our middle class.

Ron Paul won the Iowa Straw Poll with the votes of 82% of the native Iowans and 26% of the non-Iowans who participated.  And not a word in the mainstream news, in fact all you hear out of them is “Herman Cain, Herman Cain” and “Rick Perry, Rick Perry” and the big push to transfer further wealth from the poor and middle class to the filthy rich through tax schemes.

The mainstream propagandists and the corporate controlled police forces are showing that they will continue to be the lapdogs of the elite.  Do not forget, where the police are concerned, the US taxpayer is financing the abuse of their fellow citizens.  What these police will find out in the end is that once we the people withdraw our support they will be left to the same plight we have suffered.  And of course they will find no one compassionate towards them among us.  They have chosen their side of the fence and it is not ours.  We should be working vehemently to do everything we can to defund these police departments so that we may stop financing our own destruction.

Fifty-six days until Christmas and this is shaping up to be a real nasty winter.  The only way we are going to stay warm is through action.  Our enemies have shown they have no compunction in hurting us, using the system they have built with our wealth.  Let us turn the tables and redirect that wealth to hurting them.

99ers, start putting 99er on your damn signs.  This one little act can do more than any of you realize.  With the way we have been buried by the mainstream propagandists it is beginning to look like the Easter Project might not have been such a bad idea after all.  We must let our enemies know that we are at the root of this grass roots uprising, both as Tea Partiers and Occupy Wall Street protesters.

And we must let that communist son of a bitch, Michael Moore, know that we are going to kick his fat ass and his communist ideals out of our Republic, using our Constitution to prosecute him for constructive treason.

I think we are at a crucial juncture when every strategy to divide us will be implemented.  This is the moment that the patriotic Americans of the American race must stand together, united and unwavering in our absolute determination that we will not be conquered through propaganda or force.  We must return our enemies contempt in kind.

If we assert ourselves and grasp back control of our natural resources, we will be holding the ultimate purse strings.  We must stop the flow of the spice and break the stranglehold the corporate elite have on us.  They are the few, we are the many.  All that is necessary is to do our will and our enemies will fall at our feet.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. Well, Brian, dumbed down, instant gratification addicted, feeling safe because they still have a job, don’t give a shit about their country or it’s citizens, type of people are always easy to unify. Say that real fast 5 times.

  2. Yeah. On March 16th, 2008 Bear Stearns was finished. I walked into work and saw the paper on the conference table with the headline…I think it was “Bear Stearns collapses” or something like that. No one had even noticed the headline and I wondered just how stupid the people around me really were. And yet how stupid was I not to have been observant enough the preceding year to have seen it coming? The fact is I was too overworked and stressed out to be anything but totally exhausted almost all of the time.

    Within a year sales had practically ground to a halt as credit dried up and the home equity based debt consolidation financing the company was using to drive sales became unavailable and/or too expensive and the following spring was spent producing backlog. (I was a production manager in a home improvement company) On May 31, 2009 I was laid off without prior warning.

    Until the lightning strikes no one jumps. It takes a tornado before people start building storm cellars.

    The only people that have any voice are those with money and those with money are too intoxicated by it to come out of their stupor and realize that the water is rising in the hull.

    They consider everyone without a job or a pile of money in the bank to be “losers”.

    “They made their bed…now let them lie in it”. That is how egocentric the species actually is.

    It’s just human nature. This nature has been been the foundation on which tyranny has been built over and over again. Almost no one I know who is still maintaining their status quo realizes what is taking place around them and those who do have no idea what to do about it and lack the motivation and social consciousness to give the matter its due consideration. Perhaps it is just too painful for them so they remain in denial and play “shoot the messenger” in order to avoid being associated with the “losers” who are to be shunned like lepers. So they buy into charlatans like Cain and the rest and participate in stoking the fires of their own destruction thinking that they are allying themselves with allies who seek to protect them not realizing that they are next in line.


    So on we go.

    1. Well, Clark, it’s just the way it seems to work from what I have lived through and observed. The job I lost had become excruciatingly painful anyway to the point where I lived in a futile, endless cycle of conflict with lying sales people and unscrupulous business practices anyway and I was actually relieved. I really had no idea at the time what was actually happening in the big picture. After all…how can we do what is expected of us every day AND have enough time and energy left to do what it takes to really understand and react to what is going on in the control room to which we actually have no access? That is how and why things got to this point in my opinion. If you’re not born into the “inner circle” you really never get any truth presented to you from childhood forward. I can’t blame or judge people who find denial the only way to stay sane in the madness that exists around them. I probably would have been happier as a farmer but they’ve wrecked that way of life too.

      1. Actually, Clark, while we’re on the subject:

        I must admit when they sent out that “stimulus” money on 2007…I think it was 600 bucks…I had no idea why it was done. I was so busy at my job I had no time for anything else but shopping for necessities and trying to find some down time to recharge. So they sent me 600 bucks of my own money and I had no say in the matter nor did I even ask for it. What does that tell us?

        Uh…let’s see…a wild guess here…..ok…I’ve got a possibility…they knew what they were engineering and were trying to keep the masses drugged while they crept a few more yards closer to the chicken coup?

        A flanking maneuver? WTF do I know? I’m just a dumb, honest, moral, tax paying, law abiding natural born citizen. Duh! “Pop the fluid to me Louie!”

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