Patriots Support Stand Your Ground Laws

As the US government continues to fail, the people, by necessity, have been taking more responsibility for their lives and security.  Hence, slowly but surely, our laws from the past which allow us to protect ourselves have been returning.  The soviet socialists and neo-cons, as a part of their power grab are becoming increasingly fearful of a return of power and authority to we the people, hence the present attacks on the Stand your Ground Law, which stems from the English Common Law Castle Doctrine, upon which US law is based.

The Stand Your Ground Law has been enacted in seventeen states and other states are working on similar legislation.  It is indeed amazing how far out of hand things had to get before the people woke up to the reality of the situation.  Think about it.  We had reached the point to where a man was sued when a burglar fell through his skylight and broke his leg in an attempted robbery.

I heard the socialist Dylan Rattigan attacking the Stand Your Ground Law, in particular the criteria to be met to justify deadly force.  The law says that if a person feels that his or her life is in danger or that great bodily harm might result to them if they failed to act, then deadly force can be used.  Of course the commie Rattigan tried to twist the criteria in saying that how a person feels in a deadly situation might be affected by how much sleep that person had or perhaps by any alcohol or drugs he or she might have consumed the night before.

Well Ratigan, you pathetic propagandist, tell me what exactly is the criteria that one of our Gestapo street thugs has to meet before they blow somebody away?  Citizens have been gunned down by police for holding a knife or for simply struggling.  Hell a guy was arrested the other day for brandishing a finger gun, with the police saying that they “felt threatened” by the man’s finger.

In short, the reason millions of Americans are arming themselves is not so they can shoot each other in accordance with the pigment of their skin, but rather to protect themselves from the ever increasingly violent and murderous thugs posing as our public servants.  And indeed this is the true reason the 2nd Amendment was made a part of our Bill of Rights.

Obama has signed the National Defense Authorization Act for 2012, the no-Trespassing Legislation, and the Emergency Resources Executive Order.  These draconian laws are designed to remove our rights and the 2nd Amendment was designed to take them back.

Hopefully we can elect Dr. Paul and avoid violence.  However we had better keep enacting these Stand Your Ground Laws to make it clear.  We are not just going to allow ourselves to be slaughtered like the Russians did after the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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