Patton was a great man

A page from his diary:

Unfortunately I do not know the source of this one. The remains clear.

Putin is not quite as bad as everyone claims. He know Russian history.

5 thoughts on “Patton was a great man

  1. putin however is NOT. He plays BOTH sides of the jq, so yeah Koyote, he’s trying to keep his options open under plausible deniability in the event he must face his people. He knows who is behind the curtain and has even made laws and speeches to protect them. Throwing your people under the bus to protect them isn’t remotely defensible. Ever.

  2. Smoloko is the same Drumpfter that helped that jew bag into office saying he is breaking down the jew world order. Yet there is not a faction of Trump’s life that isn’t wholly dominated by this very jewish control.

    Same for Putin. Some claim Putin is crypto. He is certainly loved by the jew. He protects them and makes holohoax denial a crime. He is a hero in Israel.

    Yet people (in light of this obvious fact of their being under total control of jews), still believe they are “fighting the jew”.

    It doesn’t get any more ridiculous than that.

    1. Patton was a Great man ,McArther .Eisenhower all Great men . And when they tried to inform the general public of the ” axis of evil” they were called crazy , and ridiculed into silence ..Hmmm did we learn anything today kids . IIF we see something dont say anyanother word about it . It will just go away …..
      And Happy Anniversary to Laura and Henry . many more
      Thank you for all you do here

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