0 thoughts on “PBS News Hour Takes a Look at 99ers

  1. Gregg Rosen can in no way relate to the world I live in, let alone the 99ers living in tent cities and on the streets. Seeing him cry has made me realize that our enemies must think us weak. I could never imagine going and crying the blues on the shoulders of a socialist counselor. I’m a man and when someone tries to hurt me, I don’t cry about it, I try to hurt them back.
    I guess some 99ers have yet to truly be in the jungle. Hopefully when they get here they will grow a spine, stop crying, and fight. Our enemies are not going to give us any quarter. If we want our country and our Constitution back we are going to have to take it.

    1. I don’t know why they picked Greg Rosen to interview. He didn’t look like he was doing too bad. They should have interviewed our friend brian s for a more realistic look at what these sons of bitches have done to millions of Americans.

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