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  1. galen, your post is so spot on and if I may add…….inner peace accomplished when one knows thyself ….getting to that point is the adventure …..did you realize when you posted this it is on topic to the discussion in the trencher alert? you are an amazing lady!

    1. Thank you, Mary. You’re pretty amazing yourself. I came across the pic/quote and it resonated so I posted it. No, hadn’t connected it at the time to trencher alert posts. But like many things, I see how it ties in.

      I’ll just add that it’s a life’s work, getting to that point where you’re unafraid to be who you are, and it’s on-going work. Some of us just so much want to make nice and it’s not always possible and likely keeps us stuck. So we take little chances and sometimes big chances. What helps me is to know (and to own) that I sometimes make mistakes. Well, who doesn’t?



      1. Emotion will trump logic in an argument every time, simply by it’s very nature.

        Even if the logic is irrefutable.

        I think that’s where rhetoric comes in, but I need more research to be certain.

    1. Negative. Logic is math and physics. It matters not how it makes you feel. It is what it is and stays that way.

      1. So you’re saying it’s an absolute. And is it ONLY math and physics?

        For the heck of it I looked it up in the dictionary:


        • reasoning conducted or assessed according to strict principles of validity
        • a particular system or codification of the principles of proof and inference
        • the systematic use of symbolic and mathematical techniques to determine the forms of valid deductive argument
        • the quality of being justifiable by reason
        • ( logic of) the course of action or line of reasoning suggested or made necessary by

        So “reasoning” would tie in with common sense, but I’m back at square one wondering if what’s logical to one person is illogical to another. I guess you already answered that.

        Taking it just a bit further, one might say belief in God is logical. Another might say it is not.

        Jus’ trying to break in down for myself. Don’t want to take your time. I can sometimes get obsessive about things.



        1. Once a mind is freed, it will try to reach out to find the limits of reality and religious beliefs are bound to come into play. Religion is theology, defined as the study of the nature of God and religious belief, religious beliefs and theory when systematically developed. You can examine a theory, using logic, which is known mathematical and physical standards, one being weighed against the other. But theory and logic are in no way synonymous with one another.
          Logic can be used through experimentation to transform theory to fact, but if a theory cannot meet the standard for math and physics, it comes down to a simple want to believe, perhaps because it makes us feel good to believe. There could be parts of a theory that are proven without indicating the whole in the absolute.
          When it comes down to theology, the argument will always end with faith, and faith defined is the ability to believe in something that can’t be proven, and that is illogical. Of course, keeping in mind that just because the math and physics doesn’t exist today to prove something, does not mean that through advanced experimentation it will not exist tomorrow.
          If space is endless and that if is theory, then the possibilities for existence are endless, hence if it is so that space is endless, then everything that can be imagined has to exist somewhere in the endless expanse of possibility. And that is logic.
          Life does get a lot more interesting when one breaks out of the box. 🙂

          1. Thanks, Henry. Powerful. And can’t say I disagree, even as I stretch to understand and accept that words can only take us a certain distance. When you bring in infinity it kinda dwarfs everything I speculate about, as it does hold, as you say, the unknown/the yet undiscovered, and exists as a continuum. But still, galen racks her brain considering all this. I do let go once in a while. (grin)

            In terms of everything considered, someone once told me this: “The opposite is also true.” Now I can only wonder about that. The mind is a terrible thing to endure.



  2. Philosophizing gives us a window into the soul. It’s fun to see yours, a wild gorilla bringin’ bananas back to his band.



    1. ps: I hope you know that was a metaphor pointing out that you are untamable, yet caring and generous, provider amongst providers.

      Sometimes typing runs away without caution.



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