Women’s Marchers Leave Garbage All Over The Streets

Information Liberation – by Chris Menahan

Women’s Marchers across America and in Canada left garbage all over the streets on Sunday.

Infowars reporter Millie Weaver found tons of soy lattes littering the streets at the Women’s March in Los Angeles, California. 

Garbage was everywhere:

Women should run the House and the Senate, but they can’t be bothered to pick up their own trash (I guess that’s a man’s job).

“The future is female(s)” throwing their trash all over the place and expecting some pleb man to clean it up.

Similar happened in Toronto, Canada:

When these feminists say they’re “nasty women,” they’re not joking.

Information Liberation

10 thoughts on “Women’s Marchers Leave Garbage All Over The Streets

  1. I want to shame them, for they are shaming our fathers, brothers, uncles, nephews, cousins, and friends who are male, attempting to force them into the tent of predators/abusers.

    The other day Cher said something like,

    “If you want a job done right, get a woman to do it.”

    This garnered great applause. And I felt pain, thinking of all the things my husband had done right, and all the other males in my life, too. I saw/see so much giving, caring, capability, sacrificing.

    I won’t let this pink movement (which is pink in more ways than one) take from me my own experience and all the love that came with it.

    I’m angry, damn it!!


    1. My daughter just got pissed at Cher

      Because it’s always been her dad that fixed and built stuff around the house
      Just fixed her van last night

  2. Thank god it was only garbage.

    It could have been Jehovah’s witnesses Watchtower pamphlet publications.

    What’s up with that sht..

    If I don’t answer the door at 8 a.m. on a Sunday in Vegas.

    I’ve been on a bender..since I got off Thursday. and I took Friday off on a 3 day weekend.

    Don’t leave your garbage on my frickin door.

    Hell… even the Mexicans knocking are smart enough to know that.

    I should have chased them and beat them with a King James Bible…


    God hates fags and Jehovah’s Witness protection followers.

    1. Just draw an outline of a body on the ground and scatter a few watchtower pamphlets around. Problem solved!!!!!!

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