People protesting vaccine mandates square off with counter-rally in Boston


Police had to intervene after people protesting Covid-19 vaccine mandates and government restrictions clashed with counter-protesters over the weekend in Boston.

The organizers behind the main protest – dubbed ‘Rise Against Tyranny’ – said they were demonstrating against “vaccine passports, face diapers, mass layoffs, and unconstitutional mandates.” The counter-protesters tried to drown them out, playing loud music through speakers, as well as with the help of a full brass band. 

As tensions grew, scuffles erupted. Numerous demonstrators were seen exchanging blows and taking down barriers, prompting police in full riot gear to step in.

At one point, counter-protesters appeared to damage a van supposedly driven by anti-vaccine mandate activists. Chants of “Nazis out!” are heard in the video as protesters bang on the vehicle. Two people were eventually arrested, an officer told Fox News.

Police closed off the streets in the Boston Common area ahead of the protest, which was staged by a group called ‘Super Happy Fun America’. Left-wing activist groups, including ‘Solidarity Against Hate – Boston’ and ‘Green Monster Antifa’, said they wanted to get  those opposing the mandates “the hell out of town.”

Protests related to vaccine mandates and restrictions have grown increasingly intense. Last month, a Covid-19 testing unit tent was flipped over and destroyed by protesters in New York City.

3 thoughts on “People protesting vaccine mandates square off with counter-rally in Boston

  1. I pointed out a long time ago the commies standing for this shit which should only prove to people what it’s all about. It’s time to deal with them the right way, the only way.

  2. But of course!! If you fight tyranny, you must be labeled a “Nazi.” Anything to discredit objection to FORCE.

    A full brass band?!!! You sure can see that this counter protest is slick and highly funded. It’s a world-gone-mad when people object to opposing tyranny. Oh, that’s right. They’re not people, they’re ROBOTS, good little commie followers. And the order-givers stand in approval as the tyranny opposers fight the brainwashed.

    And what the hell group would name itself “Super Happy Fun America?!!” That sure has some teeth. NOT!!!!!!!

    I know the time for protests is long over, but to see the so-called left in counter cacophony making such asses of themselves is so over-the-top it’s almost comedic. They think they’re rebels but they’re such little brats, stupid and compliant.


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