7 thoughts on “PHILIPPINES PRESIDENT TELLS & EXPOSES ALL – Elite Want Him Gone

  1. Absolutely moving interview with Duerte!

    “As president I swore an oath to keep MY country peaceful and a good place to live.”

    We need more men such as him willing to see his country survives.

  2. “Elite Want Him Gone”

    If that were true, he’d already be dead.

    They need more than 1 or 2 boogeymen to make this war global.

    1. “Elite Want Him Gone”

      If that were true, he’d already be dead.

      I’m not so sure he’d already be dead. Things take time, not that I want to see him die.

      As far as I can tell he’s cleaning up the trash and lawlessness in the country, and according to a fellow speaking of the country on a post I posted just a bit ago, he’s going after the manufacturers of the meth, and 6,000 users turned themselves in when he was elected because they wanted help to get clean. So he had, with the help of a few other nations, rehabs built for these people. To me this sounds like a guy that’s got a heart, not like the human rights propaganda which is always crying dictator, murderer, tyrant about these guys in other nations. Does anyone around the world look at the American Nationals and cry, abuse of the American people, they are being murdered on the streets and spied on every moment of the day?

        1. Kennedy assassinated, yes, they wanted him dead obviously.

          According to G. Edward Griffin, Kennedy was one of their boys, perhaps he got out of step with the program. I will say I was very surprised by Griffins comment and I consider him an honest researcher and man.

          1. From all that I’ve read, Katie, he WAS one of theirs… to begin with.

            Apparently he grew a conscience somewhere along the way.

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