Police across America are forcing high school students to take breathalyzers


Lifeloc Technologies, a company with close ties to law enforcement is profiting, from putting their breathalyzers in high schools everywhere. Click here, here & here to find out more.

“Lifeloc Technologies is the first breathalyzer manufacturer to introduce a “Made in America” precision fuel cell tester that is also built upon our 25 years of Law Enforcement breath testing experience.”

A high school in Nyack, New York is considering a policy requiring students submit to alcohol breath tests.

“We want to try to deter high school students from consuming alcohol and the board felt this was a good way to do it,” Board of Education President Karen Hughes said. “We hope it acts as a deterrent.”

Students who have watery eyes, are argumentative, combative, refuse to follow instructions or inordinately jovial, WILL BE FORCED to take a breathalyzer!

“Not all students would have to take a breath test, only those exhibiting the signs or behaviors stated in the policy, including slurred speech, inability to follow instructions or directions, failure to comprehend questions, impaired motor skills, being combative, argumentative or inordinately jovial while talking, among others.”

Police and school officials consider students with flush faces to be suspicious.

Student representative Hunter Andrasko convinced parents to change an early version of the policy that included having a flushed face as a reasonable suspicion for intoxication, a condition he called unfair especially at sporting events.

“People thought as you were entering the stadium, everyone would be lined up taking the breathalyzer test,” he said.

Why are police and school officials using junk science to force students to take breathalyzers? Why are police and private companies allowed to profit from putting Breathalyzers in every high school?

In 2014, Florida police forced 38 students to submit to blood alcohol tests! Click here to read the disturbing details about Jensen Beach High School.

“These policies are not designed to punish,” Superintendent Dr. James Montesano said. “It’s really just to make sure our kids are safe.”

This IS about punishing students who refuse to submit to a breathalyzer and it ISN’T about safety.
By way of example, the Geneva school district in Illinois will take away a student’s car parking privileges and receive a 3-day suspension if they’re suspected of having consumed alcohol or have any in their cars.

“If you refuse a test we think that there is reasonable suspicion…” Montesano said.

Students who refuse a breathalyzer will be marked as SUSPICIOUS, how is that not punishment? This is about FORCING students to submit to authority.

Schools from Maine to California are FORCING innocent students to take breathalyzers…

Police in Maine FORCE INNOCENT students to take breathalyzers:

Click here to see Old Orchard police forcing innocent students to submit to breathalyzers!

Police in California FORCE INNOCENT students to take breathalyzers:

(click here to read more.)

A brief list of states that allow high school breathalyzers:

Weymouth, MA
Chatham NJ
Lyons Township, IL
Phoenixville Area, PA
St. Vincent, OH

Coeur d’Alene, ID
Derby, KS
Denver, CO
Gainesville, TX
Jensen Beach, FL

Here’s a sampling of a California high school’s “homecoming dance policy

All La Jolla High School guests are subject to search and breathalyzer.

The La Jolla High School administrators, staff, school police, and security personnel will enforce rules.

The mass-media always finds someone, who thinks it’s a great idea for law enforcement to regulate the public.

I think it will be a good way to regulate our student section a little bit,” says Emma Palm. “I think the parents, as well, will have some more regulations.” 

An organization called “Students Against Destructive Decisions” or SADD as they like to be called, uses peer pressure to make students believe drinking alcohol causes numerous problems.

SADD’s Motto: “Empowering Teens Through Peer-to-Peer Education.

“For adolescents, whose brains are still developing in critical ways, alcohol use makes them morevulnerable to learning and memory impairments. The intake of alcohol is frequently coupled with risky and potentially destructive behaviors, such as physical and emotional violence, rude or thoughtless remarks or actions, sexual mistakes or misjudgments, sexual assaults, and suicide acts and attempts.

SADD’s statement is ludicrous. Fyi, it’s nearly impossible to find an accurate and unbiased “study” about adolescent alcohol related suicides. If you believe the recent suicide studies, you’d thinkProhibition, has never really ended.

SADD ignores the fact, that most of Europe’s adolescents start drinking in their teens or earlier and exhibit few of the problems that SADD alleges. Fyi, a few years ago, SADD accepted funds from thealcoholic beverage industry.

SADD currently uses DHS/Dept. of Transportation grant (money) to influence our kids.

“The Office of Student Discipline is pleased to announce receipt of a $45,000 SADD grant from the Georgia Office of Highway Safety.”

Since 9/11, public officials everywhere claim Americans have no rights, if they voluntarily go to a sporting event etc.

Principal Moylan says, if anyone comes to a high school, expect to be breathalyzed and their rights forfeit.

I’m not trying to violate anybody’s rights. I’m just trying to say if you want to come to an event here voluntarily, that you have to be clean to do so. And in order to prove that that’s the case, then we’re going to breathalyze. So you make a choice,” said Joseph Moylan, Principal of Oconomowoc High School.

He’s ‘not trying to violate anybody’s rights’ because the police are doing it for him!

What happened to our 4th., Amendment right to be free from searches?

The United States Supreme Court concluded that it can hardly be argued that students shed their constitutional rights at the schoolhouse gate.” (Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School District 1969)

Schools should be nurturing, safe environments for children, not places where they are made to feel like criminals,” ACLU spokesperson Donna Lieberman said.

The Police State is out of control and getting worse.

High Schools want to force students to take marijuana breathalyzer tests! Click herehere, here and finally here to read more.

California legislator Tom Lackey wants police to conduct marijuana breathalyzers:


11 thoughts on “Police across America are forcing high school students to take breathalyzers

  1. no probable cause ?
    this is what they call probable cause?””Students who have watery eyes, are argumentative, combative, refuse to follow instructions or inordinately jovial, WILL BE FORCED to take a breathalyzer!””

    this should be forced out, this is a violation of rights

  2. yeh, when ever you run across some self righteous cop that tries to sell you on the lie of him being a “good cop” ,, i give you sh&t like this ..

    and plenty of other underhanded BS they pull

    they are a huge part of the machine thats killing this country , without them and their actions ,,CRAP like this couldn’t take place

    No Quarter to any employees of the state NONE!

  3. Agreed EOS, there’s these people that roam around thinking their
    $hit don’t stink and that we aren’t gracious enough to satisfy their lust for themselves. I call it “Shit don’t Stink Syndrome”. It’s when a guy has wallowed through neck deep shit and comes out smelling like a rose. I know what roses smell like, but there’s stink out there that won’t quit. Just catch a whiff of any greasy slimeball, pick any candidate, from any party, and be careful that you don’t burn your nose hairs off.

  4. The pigs are going after all the drunk kids in high school? That’s called profiling. Profiling is wrong.
    Parents should homeschool their drunks….
    I’ll make em a deal. If the kid takes the breathalyzer and he tests clean then the kid gets to shoot out both of the pigs kneecaps with a shotgun. That sounds pretty fair to me. I try to be fair an all.

    1. good one, and the kid passes the test no problem , but the cop probably couldnt , but everyone looks the other way

  5. “Schools should be nurturing, safe environments for children, not places where they are made to feel like criminals,” ACLU spokesperson Donna Lieberman said.”

    ACLU… Lieberman.

    Made to FEEL like criminals? They ARE criminals, according to the NWO’s way of thinking, you sorry@ss commie jewb#tch.

    Those indoctrination centers are designed to turn them either into criminals or good little communist slaves.

  6. “I think it will be a good way to regulate our student section a little bit,” says Emma Palm. “I think the parents, as well, will have some more regulations.”

    I think you need a lead lobotomy, stupid cow.

    Regulate your own (miserable, worthless) life, moron. Our lives are NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS!!!

  7. Psychopathic control to promote fear, distrust, and helplessness is an old tactic to keep the sheep divided and in line.

    This crap wont change until a change is forced. How many governments in history have ever willingly given up power…ever? None! And america will be no different. A return to a republic with unalienable natural rights must be forced
    to happen because the current ‘government’ of israeli-firster wont give an inch.


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