Police as Enemies of the People

Police are increasingly using mass fires and military war tactics to kill people with no other justification than that they are scared and concerned with their personal safety in dealing with the public.  Conversely, people now see the police as enemies of the people, and are justifiably fearful of encountering the police in any circumstance.  American citizens are now firing on police breaking into their homes like criminals.  The State of Indiana has made it clear that Indiana residents may kill police acting like criminals.

We are increasingly seeing out of control cops with little regard for human life or for individual liberty and civil rights, killing people without cause.  This is state sanctioned murder.  Officers cite fear as the justification to riddle people with hundreds of rounds.  The courts have gone along with these rationales.  Police administrators fail to train, fail to supervise, fail to discipline, and fail to meet their responsibilities to maintain good order to the public.  It is not the American public that are out of order.  It is the police.  

These events, whereby police resort to a shark-like feeding frenzy to shoot and kill people with massive fires are essentially state imposed terror from above.  The people are going to have to stop it.  The more passively people stand by, the more prevalent these incidents will become, until they are everyday routine.

If anyone has police policy directives or training SOPs regarding the mass use of lethal force or lethal force directives that appear to contravene the Bill of Rights, please step forward.  The Albuquerque New Mexico Police Department recently disclosed that officers were being trained to use force, even lethal force more often, but then refused to make their training directives public.  Who the hell are they to refuse to furnish this information to the public?

The New Mexico Police Academy Director also cited that police in New Mexico were being trained to have a “warrior mentality” and would be trained in more applications of force and not less, and then refused to disclose his curriculum.  Who the hell is he to refuse a legitimate request for information that concerns the public welfare?  A former police academy instructor was fired because he refused to instruct officers in using deadly force in firing at fleeing vehicles.   Any police officer knows the inherent danger of firing at vehicles, which are moving targets in fast changing or confusing circumstances, and now all restrictions apparently are being removed.  Witness the plethora of police incidents where police use mass fires to disable vehicles or to kill occupants.  Momentarily, we are seeing police fire hundreds of rounds at fleeing cars and suspects and often with little justification.  Bystanders, children, and even fellow police have been shot and killed in these police killing frenzies.

Obviously, the rules of engagement regarding the police use of force and criminal suspects has dramatically changed.  Today, it seems military rules of force and engagement, whereby suspects are to be destroyed rather than being apprehended is the chief objective.  Under the old rules, suspects were to be apprehended or force was only to be used commensurate with stopping a serious crime or an immediate threat to life or grave bodily injury.  Police were never to use more force than called for and were held accountable for the excessive use of force.  Police did not have any more rights than a common citizen and were never given blanket immunity allowing them to escape criminal and civil liability.  That has all changed with the so-called “war on terror” and draconian social control regimes we have seen unilaterally imposed on Americans starting with 9/11.

It is also apparent that the FBI, DOJ, and the STASI like DHS are also complicit in the transition to military rules of engagement.  Witness the massive transfer of military equipment and weapons given to police departments, including armored vehicles and the emphasis on SWAT and high-risk tactical training.  SWAT teams are now routinely dispatched to unknown trouble calls and to collect parking tickets, even debts!  American citizens are viewed as terrorists and our public places are now war zones and the police are heavily armed and trained combat soldiers with rules of engagement centering on shooting first and shooting to kill as a primary objective.

These changes imply that American police are now a standing army of the interior and are under federal control.  They are now being used much like the old Soviet MVD interior security troops.  An examination of academic papers and discourse regarding Soviet interior troops suggests that their use was for applications in low intensity conflict, and for order maintenance in instances where political instability and public protest appeared to threaten the Soviet regime.

How is it that the federal government control our local police?  Here’s the answer… By the process of infiltration and co-optation.  The federal government supplies, weapons, ammunition, training opportunities, personnel and equipment via grants to local police.  The FBI and DHS provide police training under their guidelines.   The federal government control multi-jurisdictional task forces, whereby local police are cross commissioned with federal police and agents.  Federal police control these organizations.  The local police have ranking officers that have been especially trained by the FBI, the military, or by DHS in counter insurgency or counter-terror doctrine.  Many of these officers hold federal commissions and are expected to serve their federal masters rather than local citizens.

Moreover, we are seeing military personnel with combat experience being hired to serve as officers and administrators and their combat experience being applied to police operations with no input from the public.  Yes, police operations in many instances resemble military combat, especially close combat where ambushes and armed assailants behind barricades prevail.  However, military personnel are expected to abide by the Rules of Land Warfare or face war crimes charges.  Coincidentally, the New Mexico Police Academy director is a former US Army colonel.

Since when have we allowed the government, our elected representatives to declare war openly on us? The American people are not turning their cities into war zones.  The government is.  Contextually, the mayor and city or county commissioners, the legislature, judges, police chiefs and sheriffs, ultimately the state attorney general and the governor are guilty of nonfeasance, misfeasance, or malfeasance of office, and arguably war crimes.  They should be removed from office by the people for allowing these harms to befall the public, and tried for committing crimes against the people of the United States.

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Quintus Dias

11 thoughts on “Police as Enemies of the People

  1. Excellent article, Quintus Dias! Well stated. I couldn’t have said it better myself. People need to pass this information to everyone.

  2. If your local police get funding from the government then it is a bribe and if its excepted they no longer work for the people.
    If a cop wants to abduct you and will force compliance of unlawful laws upon you than it should be seen as an occupying force.
    We know the court you will be dragged into is a foreign court so would you let N.Korean officers abduct you?
    Would you let a russian court sentence you to prison?

    Then dont let these thugs abduct you in the first place and that most fancy building down town that holds foreign court should be assaulted as if it was a foreign invading ship.

  3. “Police administrators fail to train, fail to supervise, fail to discipline, and fail to meet their responsibilities to maintain good order to the public.”

    Because that’s (training) not their job these days.

    Israhell does that now.

  4. It is always good when the enemy uses marked vehicles and uniforms, it keeps the innoc
    ent from being targeted accidentally.
    The camps will soon be open for all who thought they were Americans. There will be new day in the country.
    Remember how the country was stolen from the native people? What do you think is going on now?
    The person who realizes he is at war too late is usually the first one dead or imprisoned, or doing slave labor.
    Appear weak to hide your strength, appear to retreat when you attack, Have the appearance of a small group when your numbers grow.
    When you hit, make it the hardest and most destructive you possibly can. Give no quarter, and never stop.

  5. Yes, “Johnny Law” just drove by with his laughable slogan “We protect and Serve”. Actually, they’re right. They protect and serve the vested interests of the privileged few, while they keep the rest of us “goyum” from causing them any trouble.

  6. Yes after 3 atempts to murder me by police in America. And then threats by them to have there criminal freinds do me in. After the neighborhood I use to live in joined in complaints of ther behaivor. Not that I broke a law but that they did and needed to cover themselfs over it. I did leave America for my own safty. I was from Springfield IL. by the way. And can produce wittness to this. So that is what the American police have became. A pack of spoild armed I want, 2 year olds all throwing a temper tamptum together as a group. For this we pay our tax’s. Or today you do. And I can back what I say about the American police. Still waiting for internal afairs to do a investigation. But they refuse there to investigate there own when they know they have done wrong.

    1. Hey James, the way I look at it, there may be some cops out there who actually care but are afraid to speak up. So if you’re not a filthy pig yourself, you know the “loose cannons” on the force and remain silent in fear of retribution, oh well, we gotta start somewhere. Name names, pop open that big crock of shit and give it a good whiff before stirring!

  7. Go to the daily Paul and pull down Rod Class rulings ….Four that said they are all PRIVATE CONTRACTORS and should be sued to the next dimension!!!On top of that they are foreign agents to the American people and have to register under FARA…The state,local ,and feds….ALL OF THEM!!!DEFACTO!!

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